Diane Brewster Cause of Death: Hollywood Actress Died at The Age of 60!

Actress Diane Brewster (March 11th, 1931–November 12th, 1991) was an American television actress best known for her appearances as Samantha Crawford in the Western Maverick: 668–669, Miss Canfield in Leave It to Beaver, and Helen Kimble in The Fugitive.

His great-great-grandfather, William Brewster, was a Pilgrim and Governor of Plymouth Colony.

Idyllic Years

Paul Brewster was Brewster’s older brother; her parents were Phillip Sloan Brewster and Geraldine Craddock. In Kansas City, Missouri, she grew up and completed her high school education at Shawnee Mission High School.

In the yearbook of her graduating class of 1949, she is referred to as “Dissy.” She was a member of the Pep Club, the Class Secretary, a Cheerleader, and a Homecoming Attendant.

While attending the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Brewster pursued a liberal arts education. Her first employment was as a secretary at a local radio station during her sophomore year at the university.

Personal Life

diane brewster cause of death

Jabe Z. Walker, an oral surgeon from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, married Brewster in California. Dean C. Walker, their son, and Lynn D. Walker, their daughter, were born to them.

In the city of Los Angeles, where both children were conceived. In February of 2013, Jabe Z. Walker passed away.

Cause of Death

Diane, 60, of Studio City, California, USA, died on November 12, 1991. Diane died as a result of a heart attack.

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Around 1955, Brewster relocated from the Kansas City region to Los Angeles, California. MCing a young radio show was her first job in the entertainment industry. Soon after, ads, fashion comments, and even weather forecasts came calling.

The Ina Ray Hutton Show, a variety show that aired on NBC in 1956, had Brewster as its announcer.


A beautiful gambling con artist, Brewster’s character on Maverick uses a southern accent to convince her marks that she’s trustworthy.

Ultimately, she’s appealing. A 1956 episode of Cheyenne titled “Dark Rider” featured Brewster as the character before he appeared in the third episode of Maverick alongside James Garner.

diane brewster cause of death

Additionally, she appeared in “The Savage Hills,” “The Seventh Hand,” and the legendary “Shady Deal at Sunny Acres” with Jack Kelly, Garner, and Kelly and Garner together.

Roy Huggins, the show’s writer, producer, and creator, gave the character his mother’s maiden name, according to an interview he gave to the Archive of American Television.

As Miss Canfield, Brewster appeared in the first season of CBS’s Leave It to Beaver (1957-1958) as well as in reruns of the show in the 1980s. Brewster played a dairy company secretary named Miss Simms in the show’s pilot, “It’s a Small World,” then played Miss Canfield in four episodes during the regular season.

Episode 1 credits her as “Diana Brewster,” which was changed in Episode 8 when she returned. Sue Randall took Brewster’s place as “Miss Landers” in Leave It to Beaver’s second season.

As George Montgomery’s ex-and-future love interest, she starred in Black Patch, a Western film released in 1957. The episode “Runaway Train” of NBC’s Cimarron City Western television series starring George Montgomery aired on January 31, 1959, and Brewster played Lisa Caldwell.

Actress Brewster made her film debut that same year, playing Paul Newman’s mother in The Young Philadelphians. Six years older than her older brother, Newman.

She appeared in nearly 50 other television and film roles, including appearances in Crusader, Wanted: Dead or Alive, Tombstone Territory, Tales of Wells Fargo, and Harbor Command. She also appeared in a number of commercials and voice-overs.

Marian Dell was a character on the syndication series Frontier Doctor, in the episode “Law of the Badlands,” in which Rex Allen starred as the Frontier Doctor and she played Ronald Reagan’s girlfriend in an episode of the General Electric Theatre anthology series “Nobody’s Child.”

The Islanders: 512-513, an hour-long adventure series set in the South Pacific, starred Brewster as Wilhelmina “Steamboat Willy” Vanderveer in 1960.

Her character, Lita Foladaire, had been killed off before the show began, and her sections of the story were shown in flashbacks after her death in “The Lita Foladaire Story,” an episode of Wagon Train starring Ward Bond and silent cinema star Evelyn Brent.

Brewster went on to guest star on Empire in 1962, in “The Jealous Man” on The Rifleman in 1963, on “The Dakotas” with Jack Elam, in “The Case of the Potted Planter” on Perry Mason in 1963 with Raymond Burr, and in “Kentucky Jones” with Dennis Weaver and Harry Morgan in 1964.

A flashback of Helen Kimble, the slain wife of The Fugitive’s protagonist, Brewster, appears in Episode 14, The Fugitive (season 1), “The Girl from Little Egypt,” which aired on December 24, 1963.

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Her final roles were in Death Valley Days (1968) and an episode of Family Affair (1966). She was also featured in an episode of Ironside (1968). The New Leave It to Beaver included her in four episodes.

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