Etika Cause of Death: Youtube Star Died by Sucide or Murder? Check for Updates!

“Etika” was the stage name of Desmond Daniel Amofah, an American rapper, model, and YouTuber who rose to fame in the early 2000s.

Amofah was well known for his enthusiastic reactions to character announcements in Super Smash Bros. and Nintendo Direct presentations, as well as for playing and reacting to numerous games. For much of his life, he lived in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Ghanaian politician Owuraku Amofah.

The Beginnings of Life

Desmond Owuraku Amofah, a Ghanaian politician and lawyer originally from Kibi, Ghana, and his Haitian mother Sabrina Amofah had Daniel on May 12, 1990, in Brooklyn, New York.

Nana Akufo-Addo, the current President of Ghana, was his great-uncle. Randy Amofah (August 14, 1982 – October 31, 2010) was Amofah’s older brother, who died after an asthma attack. Cardinal Valery, his half-brother, also has a YouTube channel called “IAM9INE”.

When Amofah got into multiple conflicts with other students at Shell Bank Junior High School, his mother decided to take him out of the school.

Shell Bank, according to Amofah, was the venue where he and another student engaged in a brutal brawl over a girl. After that, they became buddies.

Amofah graduated in 2008 from the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice (SLJ), a small public high school with a focus on legal studies and justice reform in the city of Chicago. Amofah produced a series of DVDs dubbed “SLJ FAM” while still a student at the university.

Free Food Mafia was also a club he was a member of. Ten years after graduating from SLJ, Amofah attended the school’s reunion.

Personal Life

Etika Cause of Death

Alice Pika, Etika’s ex-girlfriend, was his long-term partner from 2011 until 2017. The cause of the separation is unknown. Even after his death, they maintained a friendly relationship.

In addition, he was romantically linked to Christine, with whom he parted ways in February of this year.

Death and Disappearance

Amofah’s personal YouTube account “TR1Iceman” posted a video titled “I’m sorry” at the stroke of midnight on June 20, 2019.

He admits to having mental health concerns, battling with the attention he earned from streaming, and apologized for pushing people away in the video.

While Amofah’s followers were quick to post the video to other outlets, YouTube quickly banned the video for breaking its Community Guidelines. Commenting on the YouTube video for Travis Scott’s song “90210” at 8:36 PM Eastern Time (ET) on June 19, Amofah was last heard from.

Amofah drowned after he leaped from the Manhattan Bridge, leaving behind some of his possessions on the pedestrian walkway. Christine Cardona, Amofah’s ex-girlfriend, claims he died on June 22.

NYPD received a report of Amofah’s disappearance one day after the “I’m sorry” video went online. Internet personalities and his admirers reached out to him as the NYPD was conducting its own investigation.

Amofah’s possessions were found on the Manhattan Bridge’s pedestrian walkway the night of June 19, the day after he went missing. In addition, there was a Nintendo Switch with a laptop bag, wallet, and cell phone.

New York City police received a report of a body in the East River near Pier 16 on June 24, around half a mile (0.8 kilometers) from where Amofah’s possessions had been found.

Police and medical personnel in New York City retrieved Amofah’s corpse early on June 25 and declared him dead at the time of retrieval. The next day, an autopsy confirmed that the victim died from suicide by drowning.

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Modeling and rapping are two of my favorite hobbies.

Etika Cause of Death

Amofah has a background in modeling and rapping, and in 2007 he published a mixtape under the alias “Iceman” called Written in Ice. Amofah competed in two Grind Time Now rap competitions in 2008.

After beginning her modeling career in 2011, Amofah kept it up until 2015. His latest recorded height was “six feet, six inches,” according to an account he had on the modeling website Model Mayhem.

Because of his childhood love of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Amofah said on Twitter that the nickname “Etika” was inspired by the game Sonic Battle from 2003.

Cheat codes called “EkiTa” were available in the game, and when Amofah was 12, he simply swapped the T and the K to establish his username because “he liked that result better”. After completing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, he developed a penchant for wearing high tops.


Amofah, who had previously aired his gaming and reaction streams on YouTube under the pseudonym “TR1Iceman” since 2006, started a new account in 2012 using his original username “network.”

In the beginning, the channel’s programming was supposed to be produced by a variety of people, including Amofah himself, but those plans were never realized.

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He had more than 800,000 subscribers between his YouTube and Twitch accounts until the termination of his main YouTube channel in 2018, and within months of starting a second YouTube channel, known as “EtikaFRFX,” he had attracted more than 130,000 subscribers.

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