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Actor Jack Riley, who played Elliot Carlin on The Bob Newhart Show, died at the age of 80, according to the Associated Press. Pneumonia-related complications were the cause of death. Riley played Carlin, a cantankerous and cynical patient of psychiatrist Bob Hartley (Bob Newhart). Riley provided the voice of Stu Pickles on the cartoon show Rugrats, in addition to appearing on The Bob Newhart Show.

The Reason for Death

jack riley cause of death

Riley has also been in Night Court, Diff’rent Strokes, Seinfeld, and Friends on television. He also starred in a number of Mel Brooks movies, including Spaceballs! and History of the World: Part I.

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Early years of life

jack riley cause of death

Riley was born to Agnes C. Riley (née Corrigan) and John Albert Riley in Cleveland, Ohio. He served in the US Army after graduating from Saint Ignatius High School and John Carroll University.

Riley, along with his radio sidekick and “straight man” Jeff Baxter, became a renowned radio personality in Cleveland after being released; The Baxter & Riley Show on WERE (1300 AM) featured not just music but also comic sketches and a variety of offbeat characters that Riley and Baxter voiced. Riley left his radio show in the mid-1960s and relocated to Los Angeles, where his buddy Tim Conway assisted him in finding work writing comedy skits, which led to acting roles.

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Riley was most known for playing Elliot Carlin, the neurotic, sour, and selfish patient on The Bob Newhart Show. Riley was first a semi-regular in the cast of the 1960s sitcom Occasional Wife, a short-lived show on NBC in which he portrayed Wally Frick. In 1973, he starred as Gomez Addams in The Addams Family Fun-House, and in 1979, he played Warren the Werewolf (Wolf Man) of Budapest in ABC’s holiday telefilm The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t (a.k.a. The Night Dracula Saved The World). Riley then starred in an HBO comedy special called The Wild Wacky Wonderful World of Winter in 1980. From March 1980 through late summer 1981, he was a regular cast member of The Tim Conway Show, a comedic variety show that aired on CBS and included him in sketch comedy in each episode. He played Elliot Carlin on St. Elsewhere in 1985, reprising his character from the Bob Newhart Show.

Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In (a spoof of Lyndon B. Johnson), M*A*S*H, Barney Miller, Hogan’s Heroes, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, One Day at a Time, Gomer Pyle, Diff’rent Strokes, and Night Court are among his other TV credits.

Mel Brooks considered him a favorite, and he appeared in numerous of his films, including High Anxiety (1977), History of the World: Part I (1981), To Be or Not to Be (1983), and Spaceballs (cameo only) (1987) Riley did a lot of vocal work for TV and radio ads, most notably for Country Crock margarine. In the 1990s, he also voiced the character “P.C. Modem, the computer wizard” in CompUSA radio advertising.

Riley was most known for voicing Stu Pickles (the father of the main protagonist Tommy) in the animated series Rugrats in the 1990s and early 2000s. The TV show, the spin-off All Grown Up!, and the film trilogy was all part of the franchise.

He appeared in episodes of Seinfeld, Son of the Beach, Friends, Coach, The Drew Carey Show, That ’70s Show, and, in a comedy appearance, as an anonymous but evident Mr. Carlin in an episode of Newhart in the 1990s. He had a surprise appearance as a subway rider in the sketch “Matchbox 3” on Saturday Night Live on November 23, 2013. That was his final acting role.

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Biographical Information on Jack Riley

jack riley cause of death

Do you want to know everything there is to know about Jack Riley’s life? Jack Riley was an actor and comedian in the United States. He was born on December 30, 1935, in the United States. He was 81 years old at the time. For more details, see the table below.

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Jack Riley Has a Net Worth of $1 Million

In the years 2020-2021, his net worth is expected to increase dramatically. So, at the age of 39, how much is Jack Riley worth? Jack Riley’s primary source of income is as a successful actor. He is a native of Ohio. Jack Riley’s net worth, money, salary, income, and assets have been calculated.

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