Jerry Ward Cause of Death: Bodybuilder and Npc-Ifbb Pro Judge Jerry Ward Dies at 46

Former professional bodybuilder and trainer Jerry Ward (born December 12, 1975; 46 years old) is a fitness guru from the United States of America. Having recounted his story of accomplishment, he served as an inspiration to many budding bodybuilders in the community.

For more than three decades, he was a bodybuilding professional. In terms of Bodybuilding, Jerry was an expert in nutrition, exercise, and other aspects of the sport. As a bodybuilder, he has helped many young men realize their potential. On July 22, 2022, the bodybuilding world learned of Jerry Ward’s death, which sent shockwaves across the community.

A Brief Biography of Jerry Ward, Sr.

jerry ward cause of death

Warren, Rhode Island native Jerry Ward was born on December 12, 1975. He began bodybuilding at the age of 14 since he was concerned with creating massive muscles and a physique as an adolescent. He began receiving coaching from Ralph at this point.

To this day, Jerry is grateful for the 15 years of guidance provided by Mr. Ralph. Bodybuilding became Jerry’s full-time job while he finished college. He’s a Warren High School alumnus. From The Art Institutes in his hometown, he obtained a diploma in fine arts education. Now he was living in Virginia in Fairfax.

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According to Forbes’ List of The Richest People in The United States, Jerry Ward Has

How much money does Jerry Ward have in the bank?? It’s safe to say that Jerry War has a wonderful life and a lot of admiration from the people he serves.

As a result of his career in bodybuilding, he has a large physique and good pay as well. Incredibly, Jerry is now worth $1.4 million US dollars.  He was making a decent living as a YouTuber, a coach, and by selling nutrition-related products on his websites.

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Before we unveil Jerry Ward’s career, let us first notify you that Jerry has competed in wrestling throughout his life. Previously, he went by the name Luciana Bagwell when he competed in the ring.

When Jerry posted this information about his wrestling career on Facebook, it was widely shared. In addition, he turned to bodybuilding after retiring from wrestling. As a result, he developed an interest in helping others improve their physical attractiveness.

A Personal Trainer and Life Coach, he described himself in his biography before he died. He was both an NPC National and a Head Judge. To add to his list of accomplishments, Jerry is still an IFBB judge. A few of his companies include GIF Laboratories and Bios3training.

Bios3trainign, the YouTube channel he managed, has a sizable following. Second in the Heavyweight division was his best finish at the Lehigh Championships that year.

Wife, Girlfriend & Relationships of Jerry Ward

In spite of his marital status, Jerry Ward was an empty nester. Erin Merritt was the name of the woman he married. In 2016, Erin and he tied the knot on September 18th. He used to share a picture of himself and his wife every year on their wedding anniversary to commemorate it.

According to her bio, his wife worked for IHVI-CVOR in the past Jerry and Erin are still without children after their marriage. Coupled for a long time, they were content with one other’s company. On her Instagram account, Jerry’s wife often writes inspirational words.

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Death’s Reason

jerry ward cause of death

NPC/IFBB judge Jerry Ward, a well-known bodybuilder, died at the age of 46. He was a well-known figure in the bodybuilding community. In a recent article, bodybuilding promoter Gary Udit stated that Ward passed away last night, on Friday, July 22, 2022; however, the cause of death has not yet been officially announced.

As a bodybuilding fanatic, Ward has shown his admiration for the sport and will be recognized for his unrivaled knowledge of it. In the wake of his death, Erin Merritt, the bodybuilder’s adored wife, has been left behind. To date, he has acted as a commentator for the Udit 2022 NPC Teen-Collegiate-Masters National Championship in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ward even posted a video to his YouTube page just hours before he passed away, something he had just done.

Rx Muscle’s Dave Palumbo claims that Ward told a pal that he felt he’d injured his left ribs. Palumbo claims he sustained the injury when moving bags to a hotel where he was staying for the week while he was live streaming.

Dave Palumbo noted that Ward used a massage chair, but the rib problem got worse afterward. However, despite the advice of his friend Rich to visit a doctor, Ward opted to take it easy and just go to bed to clear his head. After Rich emailed Jerry to remind him to come up for the Livestream obligations on Saturday, promoter Gary Udit notified Rich that Ward had died.

As well as becoming a famous bodybuilder, Ward’s 155,000-subscriber YouTube channel has also helped him gain prominence. When it came to sports commentary, Ward was one of the most opinionated. In addition to running Bios3 Training, a thriving supplement brand and personal training program, Jerry is widely regarded as a driven entrepreneur.

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