John Delorean Cause of Death: Flashy Automaker Dies at 80

Upon entering this world on January 6, 1925, John DeLorean found himself in Detroit, Michigan. One who is credited with the invention of the car, a revolutionary yet unworkable piece of machinery. The fact that he was caught for dealing cocaine also brought him notoriety. Back to the Future, starring Michael J. Fox, immortalized his car as the one driven by a teenage Marty McFly who traveled through time. He rose rapidly through the ranks of GM, all the way to the presidency, before leaving because of the company’s restrictive culture and starting his own automaker.

According to, he is a highly successful businessman. As someone born on January 6th, 1925, he now counts among the most renowned people in history. He is a wealthy businessman with Michigan roots. In addition, he is regarded as one of the world’s top business leaders.

How Much Is John DeLorean Worth?

500,000 Dollars

Look at How Much Money John DeLorean Made American engineer and businessman John DeLorean had a net worth of $50 million when he passed away. John DeLorean’s biggest failure was the DeLorean Motor Company, which led to his incarceration, bankruptcy, and public disgrace. Initially accused of drug dealing in 1982, DeLorean was eventually cleared of all charges.

Popularized by the “Back to the Future” movies, DeLorean is best known for their DMC-12 sports vehicle. John had a very successful career at General Motors before he started his own automaker. The legendary Pontiac GTO muscle car, Chevrolet’s Vega, Pontiac’s Firebird, and Grand Prix were all products of DeLorean’s time at General Motors, among many more. In March of 2005, John passed away.

John DeLorean was a pioneering automotive executive, engineer, and inventor who established the DeLorean Motor Company and led a GM division at the age of just 40. In the course of his career, he oversaw the production of several iconic cars, such as the Pontiac Firebird, the Pontiac GTO muscle car, and the DMC DeLorean, made famous by its appearance in 1985 film “Back to the Future.”

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An Overview of My Early Years and Education

john delorean cause of death

The eldest of four sons, John DeLorean entered this world in 1925 in Detroit, Michigan. His Hungarian mother, Kathryn, worked at General Electric, and his Romanian father, Zachary, worked in the mill industry. Kathryn took the kids to visit her sister in Los Angeles after Zachary had one of his violent outbursts, and they ended up staying there on and off for the next few years. The divorce between DeLorean’s parents occurred in 1942.

DeLorean went to public elementary and middle schools in Detroit and later graduated from Cass Technical High School. There, his musical talent and high GPA earned him a full scholarship to the Lawrence Institute of Technology, which has produced many prominent auto industry engineers. World War II halted DeLorean’s education in 1943, and he was soon enlisted to serve his country.

After three years of service, he was discharged with honor and moved back to Detroit, where he got a job with the Public Lighting Commission and attended Lawrence University to finish his education. DeLorean sold life insurance for a while and then worked for the Factory Equipment Corporation until he finally settled into a career in engineering. He started up at the Detroit College of Law, but ultimately earned his master’s degree in automotive engineering at the Chrysler Institute.

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Reasons for Dying

On March 19 in a hospital in Summit, New Jersey, John Z. DeLorean, 80, the brilliant but problematic automaker who was perhaps as colorful as his vehicle designs, passed away from a stroke.

The son of a factory worker, Mr. DeLorean achieved unprecedented success on his way to the top of General Motors Corp. Unlike the older executives he observed, who he once described as “sitting behind [a] desk, wearing a pair of those old high-top leather shoes, and packing a big wad of cigars” in their shirt pockets, he had a keen knowledge of the culture that he believed contributed greatly to his success.

It was shockingly easy and cool, all he did was tune in to rock and roll radio, and he won. He felt that by looking at what young customers were interested in, one could predict future fashions. He once remarked, “It’s the cheapest education you could get.”

He became famous in the 1960s for bringing the sensuality of sports cars to the staid Pontiac brand with the introduction of the GTO muscle car. He also introduced Pontiac’s first small car, foreseeing the brand’s future focus on eco-friendly vehicles. He was always coming up with new ideas, including as the overhead cam engine, the disguised windshield wiper, the lane-change turn signal, the vertically stacked headlights, the racing stripes, and the emphasis on cockpit-like driver consoles. He boasted a patent portfolio of over 200.

At General Motors, Mr. DeLorean was considered the savior of Chevrolet after the brand had been in steady decline for quite some time. His promotion, however, left him feeling restricted by superiors he claimed were out to get him and who had blocked his efforts to enhance vehicle quality and boost sales. He claimed that the federal government would have no reason to break up GM if the company’s sales dropped below 50% of total U.S. automobile sales.

He had a reputation for being overconfident and dazzling, and he had a number of successful innovations under his belt, so he was generally expected to take over as CEO of General Motors.

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