Jonas Lrg Cause of Death: American Fashion Designer Died at The Age of 46!

Jonas Bevacqua was an American fashion designer and entrepreneur. He is also co-founder and creative director of the popular streetwear brand LRG.


Bevacqua’s adoption into a family with six other adopted children from various ethnicities occurred on October 23, 1977. According to a 2009 article in the Orange County Register, he is of Vietnamese ancestry.

Born in the United States and adopted by Helen and Joe Bevacqua along with six other children Additionally, it was revealed that he struggled academically and had been detained multiple times while in high school.

LRG reports that he leaves behind a fiancée, a son, and siblings.

In a 2009 interview with the Orange County Register, he noted, “I grew up in a really odd atmosphere and was exposed to a lot of various things.

jonas lrg cause of death

” It seemed to me that there wasn’t a garment firm that could speak to the melting pot of what was going on at the time.”


In 1999, he and Robert Wright co-founded Lifted Research Group (LRG).

He met fellow LRG founder Robert Wright while working as a DJ in Southern California clubs after dropping out of college and moving back in with his parents.

The skateboard, surf, and hip hop cultures of Southern California heavily affected Bevacqua and Wright as they began creating and making clothing that reflected their passions but was not readily available.

During his time as a parking valet, Mr. Bevacqua came across Mr. Wright, a DJ and hip-hop clothes designer. Friends of the father of Mr. Bevacqua invested in the company in 1999, and LRG was born as a result.

LRG was ranked No. 5 on Entrepreneur’s “Hot 500” list of fastest-growing firms in 2007 with sales of $150 million in 2006.

LRG was named “young man’s brand of the year” in 2007 by the now-defunct men’s fashion magazine DNR. According to the report, LRG was “not just identifying trends, but really creating them.” ”

This type of clothing frequently features slogans such as “Make Jeans Not War,” “Underground Inventive, Overground Effective,” and even “The Underachievers.”

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jonas lrg cause of death

LRG started out with men’s clothing but has now expanded its product line to include women’s clothing, Champagne holders, snowboards, tents, and custom vehicles.

Following three or four years, the band began to gain a cult following,” Mr. Bevacqua remarked in an interview with DNR. People began to accept the idea that purple and turquoise were acceptable colors to wear, as well as a lavender V-neck.

Underground recording artists and a skateboarding squad were both promoted by LRG. It has a half-pipe, a ramp, and a basketball court at its headquarters.


On May 31, 2011, the body of Jonas Bevacqua was discovered in his Laguna Beach house, he was 33 at the time. Jonas Bevacqua died of natural causes in Orange County, California, in November 2011.

In addition to his parents and seven siblings, Bevacqua is survived by his fiancée and children.

Intangible Assets

On the list of the 500 fastest-growing firms in 2006, Entrepreneur magazine placed LRG at No. 5, with annual sales of $150 million.

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Luxury, which focuses on women between the ages of 18 and 30 and sells Western and military-themed clothes, is one of its most popular brands.

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