Joyce Carol Vincent Cause of Death: Discovered Dead Body After Two Years of Death!

For more than two years, Joyce Carol Vincent’s corpse lay undiscovered in her north London bedsit, where she had lived since the early 1980s. Prior to her death, she had severed all ties with the people she had previously known.

In 2001, she quit her work and moved into a refuge for domestic abuse victims. She began to cut back on her social interactions at the same time.

Early Life

A native of Hammersmith, London’s Joyce Vincent grew up in Fulham Palace Road, where she was born on October 19, 1965. Her ancestors were from the Douglas people of Grenada, and they had made the long journey to London with their children.

A carpenter of African heritage and an Indian-born mother were the parents of Lawrence. Vincent’s mother died during an operation when she was just 11 years old, and her four older sisters took up her care.

Her father, who she claimed had died in 2001, had a poor relationship with her (he actually died in 2004, unaware that Vincent had predeceased him).

When she was sixteen, she dropped out of Melcombe Primary School and the Fulham Gilliatt School for Girls since she didn’t have any credentials. She was well-known in the music world and had a large group of acquaintances.

The World of Work

Joyce Carol Vincent Cause of Death

When she was 25, she went to the 1990 Wembley Concert, “Nelson Mandela, International Tribute For a Free South Africa,” and was videotaped in the backstage crowd.

(National Archives of the BFI) A report claims she was introduced to Mandela at the event and even got a chance to shake his hand.

At OCL in the City of London, Vincent got his start in the secretarial field in 1985. Before joining Ernst & Young, she worked with C.Itoh and Law Debenture. Ernst & Young’s treasury department employed her for four years, but she left in March 2001 for undisclosed reasons.

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Abuse in The Home

Vincent spent some time in a domestic abuse refuge in Haringey and worked as a housekeeper at a low-cost hotel shortly afterward. She became apart from her family during this time.

According to a person familiar with the investigation: “There was no rift between her and her family despite her decision to go away. I think they’re a pretty decent bunch. Domestic violence in her past is something we know about because of her current connection.

” Speculation has been made that she was either ashamed of being a victim of domestic abuse or did not want to be found by her abuser because of it.

Later, Vincent died after moving to the bedsit above Wood Green Shopping City in February 2003. ” The Metropolitan Housing Trust owned the apartment, which housed abuse victims. She was admitted to North Middlesex Hospital in November 2003 after vomiting blood and spent two days there due to a peptic ulcer.


Vincent lived in a Housing Trust flat above the Shopping City in Wood Green, London, known locally as Sky City. The reason for her death was not known at the time of her death in December 2003.

Joyce Carol Vincent Cause of Death

An asthma attack or consequences from her recent peptic ulcer have been linked to her death, which has been attributed to her asthma.

The pathologist characterized her remains as “mainly skeletal,” and she was found laying on her back, next to a shopping bag, and surrounded by Christmas presents she had wrapped but never delivered. The recipients of the gifts remain a mystery. Her fridge held food with expiration dates from 2003.

It was considered that the unit was uninhabited, and the smell of decomposing body tissue was attributed to the local rubbish bins, which were not far away. The windows of the flat were obscured, obscuring the view of the interior.

It’s possible that the fact that the television was left on until she was found since the building was noisy explains why no one noticed the persistent noise. In order for officials to think that she was still alive, half of her rent was being automatically paid to the Metropolitan Housing Trust by the several benefits agencies she received.

The apartment was repossessed by housing authorities after two years of overdue rent totaling £2,400 had accrued. She was found dead on January 25, 2006, after bailiffs had broken into her apartment and forced their way in.

Because her debts had been pardoned and her bills were being paid on a regular basis via automatic debit, the television and heating remained on.

According to the Metropolitan Housing Trust, rent arrears were not discovered until much later since housing subsidies covered the price of rent for some time after Vincent’s death. There were no complaints from neighbors or visitors over the two years before her body was found, according to the Trust.

Vincent’s bones were too decayed to undertake a full post-mortem, and she had to be identified using dental records. The death was considered a natural cause by the police because there was no evidence of foul play.

There was no evidence of a break-in because the entrance door was securely shut from the inside. The authorities were unable to locate her boyfriend at the time of her death.

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Her sisters had enlisted the help of a private investigator and the Salvation Army in their search for her, but their efforts had come to naught.

A letter to Vincent’s family was returned unanswered since she had died by the time the detective discovered her residence. Thus, the family decided that she had purposefully severed her links to them.

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