Judy Holliday Cause of Death: Actress, Is Dead of Cancer at 42

American actress, comedian, and singer Judy Holliday. Find out everything you need to know about Judy Holliday, including her qualifications, family, and the most recent information about her relationships, by scrolling down.

Judy Holliday’s estimated net worth, age, bio, career, and social media profiles (including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Wiki) are all available online. Find out more information about Judy Holliday’s current net worth as well as her earnings, wealth, salary, property, and income.

Judy Holliday, also known by her maiden name, was a well-known actress. She was born in New York City on June 21, 1921. is a stunning and populated city that may be found in New York City, America. Judy Holliday began her acting career in 1938 at the age of barely 17 years old.

She quickly rose to greater professional success within a short time, influencing people via her career and achieving great fame. Her professional life eventually came full circle as she rose in stature. Due to her performances, Judy Holliday became well-known both within the United States of America and beyond.

Bio of Judy Holliday

judy holliday cause of death

Judy Holliday, a well-known movie actress, was born in the United States on June 21, 1921. the actress known for her roles in It Should Happen to You! and Born Yesterday, for which she won an Oscar and a Golden Globe. The zodiac sign of Judy Holliday is Cancer, according to astrologers. From 1948 to 1958, she was wed to conductor David Oppenheim.

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Judy Holliday’s Childhood

Holliday was born in New York City as Judith Tuvim (tovim in Hebrew and toyvim in Yiddish both mean good). She was Abe and Helen (née Gollomb) Tuvim’s only child. Later, her father held the position of executive director of the Jewish National Fund of America foundation (1951-1958).

Her mother was of Russian-Jewish heritage like her father, had been divorced before, and had taught piano for many years. She was raised in Sunnyside, Queens, and attended Julia Richman High School in Manhattan before graduating. Her first position was as an assistant switchboard operator at the Mercury Theatre, run by John Houseman and Orson Welles.

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Judy Holliday’s Earnings

Judy Holliday’s estimated net worth was as follows, according to a number of trustworthy web sources, including Wikipedia, Google, Forbes, IMDb, and others. You can view her past earnings, salary, and much more in the table below.

The data below has been updated to include Judy’s estimated net worth, monthly and yearly earnings, a principal source of income, cars, lifestyle, and much more.

Judy’s earnings were $3 million and $5 million, respectively. Judy made the most of her money from selling Yeezy sneakers. Despite overstating the size of her company over the years, she made enough money from her job to be considered one of the highest celebrity payouts ever.

Her primary source of income came primarily from her popularity as an actress. Her enormous net worth ranges between $5 and $10 million. Actor in addition to her enormous social media presence.

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Death Due To

judy holliday cause of death

Judy Holliday, who popularised the attractive-but-dumb blonde stereotype with her portrayal of a junk dealer’s doxy in “Born Yesterday,” passed away from cancer yesterday. She had been born in 1942.

Clarinetist David Oppenheim, who later became a producer of classical music and television as well as an academic, wed Holliday in 1948. In the background of Bernstein’s personal difficulties with his sexuality, mutual friend Leonard Bernstein had written Oppenheim five years earlier that he had considered marrying Holliday as a beard. Jonathan was the only child the couple had before divorcing in 1958. Longtime partner of jazz pianist Gerry Mulligan was Billie Holliday.

Two weeks before her 44th birthday, on June 7, 1965, Holliday passed away from throat cancer at Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

In Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, in the Westchester Hills Cemetery, she was laid to rest. She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6901 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles five years before she passed away. Holliday voted for Adlai Stevenson as a Democrat in the presidential contest of 1952. The sad Tony and Oscar winner Judy Holliday’s son recalls her brief life and successful career.

Steve Rathaus’ great article can be seen in today’s Miami Herald. It honors Judy Holiday, who was one of our biggest stars in the 1950s on Broadway and in movies. Below are links to the article’s fantastic images and videos.

I’ve always felt that Judy wasn’t given enough credit. She co-starred with Tracy and Hepburn, and my friend Marvin Kaplan, an actor, remembers her as being incredibly clever and quite brilliant.

The image shows Judy Holliday, a theatre and screen star, and her infant son Jonathan Oppenheim in a late 1950s family portrait. Image courtesy of Jonathan Oppenheim.



When she was stricken with cancer in her late 30s, Holliday—a singing actress equally skilled in comedy and drama—was one of America’s biggest stars. In 1965, she passed away at the age of 43.

The documentary film editor Jonathan Oppenheim, Holliday’s lone child, says of her, “She had a very distinctive quality.” “She had a vulnerability, and she also portrayed people who were coming to terms with who they were. She did a fantastic job of capturing that. She was human. I don’t think “Bells Are Ringing” has wonderful material, but if you have soul, you can make anything spiritual.

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