Linda Cristal Cause of Death: Actress on ‘The High Chaparral,’ Dies at 89

As of 2014, Burges’s birth date is 23 February 1934; she is from Argentina and was born in Buenos Aires. Linda Cristal is an American actress best remembered for her role in the 1958 comedy film “The Perfect Furlough,” for which she won a Golden Globe Award for her performance. She also appeared in a number of Westerns during that time period. is the sole owner and creator of this article, so just a quick reminder. Republishing this article in any other form is strictly prohibited. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) protects copyrights. All copies that are discovered will be reported.

The Beginnings of Acting in Childhood

linda cristal cause of death

Linda was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is of Italian and French ancestry, respectively. Her father was a publisher, but when he got into some political difficulty, the family opted to go to Montevideo, Uruguay, where things were more tranquil. Linda studied at Conservatoria Franklin throughout her time in Italy. – Linda

Exactly how she became interested in acting and began working on films in Mexico and Argentina is unknown, but she did. As Margarita in the Western “Comanche,” which starred Dana Andrews and featured the song “A Man Is As Good As His Word” by The Lancers as its theme song, she landed her first English-language part in 1956.

Two years later, she landed her breakthrough role in “The Perfect Furlough,” earning her the Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year. This paved the way for her career in Hollywood.

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In Terms of Her Net Worth, Linda Cristal Is Worth an Estimated $2 Million

$nine Hundred Million Dollars

At the time of her death, Linda Cristal was an Argentine-American actress who had a fortune of $9 million. A year from now, Linda will be 89 years old and will have died.

The month and year of Linda Cristal’s birth are unknown; she was born in Rosario, Argentina on February 19, 1931. When she appeared in The High Chaparral, she played Victoria Cannon. As Victoria Wilson (Rosse), Cristal appeared in the 1985 television movie Rosse.

Aside from Westerns, she starred in The Perfect Furlough in 1958; Legions of the Nile in 1959; Cry Tough in 1959; Slave Girls of Sheba in 1961; Panic in the City (1968); and The Pharaohs’ Woman (1960). The Perfect Furlough earned Cristal a Golden Globe nomination in 1959 for Best Actress – Female.

In 1970, for her role in The High Chaparral, she received a second Golden Globe nomination for Best TV Actress – Drama. As a result of her work on The High Chaparral, she was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards.

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Affecting Factors

linda cristal cause of death

There has been a death in the cast of The High Chaparral, where Linda Cristal played Leif Erickson’s character’s wife Victoria Cannon. She had reached the age of 89. It has been confirmed by Cristal’s son Jordan Wexler that she died on Saturday at her Beverly Hills residence.

Cristal featured in films with Jock Mahoney in The Last of the Fast Guns (1958), John Wayne in The Alamo (1960), James Stewart in Two Rode Together (1961) by John Ford, and Charles Bronson in Mr. Majestyk (1963). (1974).

A year later, she received her first Golden Globe as the most promising newcomer (female) for her performance in The Perfect Furlough (1958), a comedy directed by Blake Edwards.

The High Chaparral creator David Dortort was leading a meeting of studio executives when Cristal read about it in The Hollywood Reporter, according to her 2019 novel A Life Unexpected (as well as Bonanza).

He played Erickson’s “Big John” Cannon’s wife on The High Chaparral, where she appeared in 96 episodes as the independent-minded daughter of her father, a wealthy Mexican rancher. For her performance, she was nominated for two Golden Globes and two Emmys.

To the best of our knowledge, she was born in Buenos Aires on the 23rd day of the 23rd month of the year 1931 and was reared in Montevideo, Uruguay. While driving with her parents when she was 13, she was poisoned by carbon monoxide and died. Before joining Dana Andrews in Comanche, she performed in a number of Mexican films (1956).

Aside from the films The Fiend Who Walked the West (1958), Panic in the City (1968), and a run on General Hospital, she also appeared in a number of TV series, including Rawhide, and Barnaby Jones, and Fantasy Island.

Before marrying actor Yale Wexler with whom she had boys Gregory and Jordan in 1960, she married industrialist Robert W. Champion in 1958, who was the half-brother of dancer Gower Champion. They were together for two years before separating in 1959.

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