Lydia Shum Cause of Death: Hong Kong Comedian, Mc, and Actress Died by Cancer!

He or she was born in Shanghai on July 21, 1945, as Lydia Shum Din-ha (also known as Lydia Shum Din Ha). When she was a teenager, Shaw Brothers Studio, Hong Kong’s largest film production company at the time, hired her.

In 1967, while hosting the popular variety show “Enjoy Yourself Tonight,” she made a name for herself. One of her best-known roles came when she appeared in a well-known Cantonese film called “The House of 72 Tenants.”
The film was based on the lives of people who live in a run-down apartment building. Despite the success of blockbuster films, the film won Hong Kong’s 1973 box office championship.

Shum and Adam Cheng Siu-Chow, an Actor and Singer Who Had Been Together for Nearly Ten Years, Were Married in January 1985. Joyce Cheng A few years later, Shum appeared in “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World.” The story revolved around an underprivileged family’s quest for financial stability. This film continues to arouse discussion in the media because of its powerful condemnation of social injustice.

Lydia Shum’s Biographical Information

lydia shum cause of death

Lydia Shum, a Well-Known Actor from China, Was Born on June 1st, 1945. Her Zodiac Sign Is Gemini, According to Astrologers.

Hong Kong Comedian, Mc, and Actress Lydia Shum Din-Ha (Chinese: 21 July 1945 – 19 February 2008) Was Well Recognised for Her Lanky Build, Distinctive Dark Hair, and Dark Eyes.

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Who Is Lydia Shun’s Husband

Shum and Adam Cheng Siu-Chow, an Actor and Singer Who Had Been Together for Nearly Ten Years, Were Married in January 1985. Joyce Cheng Is the Name of Shum and Adam’s Child. when Their Daughter Was Just Eight Months Old, the Couple Separated in 1988.

His Daughter Joyce Is an Award-Winning Canadian Singer/songwriter/actor. Hong Kong Disneyland Is Her Best-Known Role, as Snow White. After the Loss of Her Mother in 2008, Joyce Was Also Involved in A Number of Philanthropic Activities.

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Lydia Shun’s Early Life and Education

Her Full Name Is Lydia Shum Din-Ha; She Was Born on July 21, 1945, in Shanghai, China. Young and Ambitious, She Began Her Career in Hong Kong’s Top Production Firm, Shaw Brothers Studio.

“Enjoy Yourself Tonight” Made Her Debut in 1967 as The Host of The Well-Known Variety Show As Time Went On, She Was Featured Prominently in The Hugely Successful Cantonese Film “the House of 72 Tenants.”

They Were Inspired by The Daily Routines of People Who Live in Squalid Dwellings. the Film Won Hong Kong’s 1973 Box Office Championship by Beating Several Other Big-Budget Movies.

“it’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World” Included Shum in An Episode that Was Subsequently Shown. It Was About a Family’s Struggle to Make Ends Meet. Media Attention Is Still Being Drawn to This Film Due to Its Forceful Indictment of Societal Inequality.

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The Cause of Lydia Shum’s Death

lydia shum cause of death

Hepatocellular Carcinoma Was the Cause of Lydia Shum’s Death. Those Who Relied on His Show and Expertise Will Miss Him Greatly. After Years of Tireless Work, Lydia Shum’s Legacy Will Finally Be Revealed. Please Add Lydia Shum’s Family to Our Prayers for Additional Strength to Bear the Loss of Their Daughter, Lydia Shum.

He Was Suffering from A Number of Serious Conditions, Including Cholangitis, Diabetes, and Hypertension, Among Others. a Total of 36 Gallstones Were Surgically Removed from Her in 2002.

Her Liver Tumour and Cancer Near Her Gallbladder Were Identified Later that Year, in September of 2006, and She Received Many Rounds of Chemotherapy and Renal Dialysis as A Result.

Shum Died on February 19th, 2008, at The Age of 62, After Her Family Decided to End Her Life Support Due to A Pleural Effusion that Had Developed Earlier in The Year. Her Funeral Was Held at Vancouver’s Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Where She Was Laid to Rest. This Woman Was Worth $2 Million.

Lydia Shum Was Born in Shanghai, China on July 21, 1945. She Was a Well-Known Hong Kong Comedienne, Mc, Actor, and Vocalist. Lydia Departed This Life at 8:38 A.M. on February 19, 2008, After a Brief Illness. Pleural Effusion Claimed Her Life at The Young Age of 62. in Order to Obtain Additional Specifics, Please Stay in Touch with Us, as We Will Gladly Supply Them to You.

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