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Miya Marcano Cause of Death: A Student Dies at 19

miya marcano cause of death

The Orange County native Miya Marcano has become disoriented and lost. Since the 24th of September, 2021 (a Friday), she has not been in touch with anyone. She was seen not too far from UCF, an Orlando university. On September 26, 2021, local Orange County politicians officially kicked off their election campaign.

Marcanos, the Miya Family

The parents claim that their daughter, Ms. Marcano, was always treated like a princess and was given the title “queen of the house.” They announced her accomplishment during a press conference on Monday and said that in 2012, she placed second in the Virgin Islands Prince and Princess Pageant.

Students in the Arden Villas apartment complex lamented “the loss of Miya’s brilliant light and compassionate nature,” which will be felt forever by those whose lives she touched. Counselors specializing in grief support were made accessible to the residents.

Recently, a white woman named Gabrielle Petito went missing; her story has sparked renewed interest in the yearly disappearance of unacknowledged tens of thousands of women and girls, most of whom are of African-American, Latinx, or Native American descent.

The disappearance of Ms. Marcano followed that of Gabrielle Petito, a white woman who disappeared earlier this month and whose case sparked considerable suspicion about the hundreds of thousands of women and girls, including a number of well-known celebrities, who go undiscovered each year.

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An Orange County teen named Miya Marcano has gone missing. She disappeared on Friday, September 24, 2021, and hasn’t been heard from since. Her last known whereabouts were in the Orlando area, near the University of Central Florida. On September 26th, 2021, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department began its manhunt.

The Apartments, the last known location of Marcano, played host to a vigil. These new details about her family and the investigation into her disappearance will pique your interest. There were no leads on where to find Miya Marcano. She has been missing for almost 96 hours now, and no one has been able to get in touch with her.

A team of experts began combing the wooded area behind her apartment building on Sunday. Very soon, specialists in Orange County will provide a few reports on her condition. WFTV claims that Miya Marcano has an Instagram account.

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The Reason Why They Died

The family of Miya Marcano has spoken out against the Orange County Sheriff’s Office again on Tuesday, stating that the autopsy report that was issued on Monday leaves them “with more questions than answers” regarding her disappearance and death.

Family attorney Daryl Washington released a statement saying the autopsy results contradict Sheriff John Mina’s public assertions that the 19-year-old Valencia College student was likely slain before authorities were notified of her disappearance.

The mystery surrounding Miya’s death is still weighing heavily on this family. The revelation of this report lends credence to our claims that Sheriff Mina’s public findings about the circumstances of Miya’s death are unfounded and based on pure speculation, as stated by Washington.

Requests for comment sent to the Sheriff’s Office were not immediately returned. Armando Caballero, a 27-year-old maintenance worker, was suspected by investigators to have abducted Marcano after he allegedly made unwanted approaches toward Marcano and entered her apartment using a master key.

A few days later, Caballero’s body was discovered hanging in a garage at an apartment complex in unincorporated Longwood, and a week later, Marcano’s body was discovered in a forested area at the rundown Tymber Skan complex near Millennia.

Her autopsy revealed that she had been “almost totally skeletonized,” had been restrained with duct tape, and that her mouth and nose had “maybe” been covered. The medical examiner for Orange and Osceola counties Joshua Stephany noted that the shackles suggested “some form of assault,” but that further investigation was limited by the victim’s advanced state of decomposition.

Many people in Orlando and South Florida, where Marcano grew up, were shocked and saddened by her murder. Some members of her family are from the British Virgin Islands, and because of her family’s connections to local officials, the probe there has garnered popular backing.

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