Robert Walker Jr Cause of Death: Star Trek Actor Jr. Dies at 79

Born in the U.S. state of New York’s Queens, Robert Walker Jr. is a well-known actor. The roles he played in “The Notebook” (2004), “The Perfect Man” (2005), and “Dear John” (2007) helped make him a household name (2010). More information on Robert Walker Jr. could be of interest to you.

Accordingly, we covered all the bases in this post, including Robert Walker Jr.’s wealth in 2022, including his wiki, bio, career, height, weight, family, pictures, affairs, car, salary, age, and more. Don’t waste any more time; I want to hear about Robert Walker Jr.

The Life Story of Robert Walker, Jr.

robert walker jr cause of death

Want to know everything there is to know about Robert Walker Jr.? In addition to his given name, American actor Robert Walker Jr. also went by the name Robert Hudson Walker Jr. He entered the world on April 15, 1940, in the borough of Queens, New York City, United States. To put it another way, he was 79 years old. You can learn more by reviewing the table below.

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Earnings and Wealth of Robert Walker Jr. in 2022

How much does Robert Walker Jr. have in assets? Who is Robert Walker Jr.’s financial backer? Knowing a person’s total assets and monthly income is quite difficult. A rough estimate of a company’s net value can be derived from a number of different sources. Just how much money did Robert Walker Jr. have right now? Robert Walker Jr. has a current net worth of $1 Million in the year 2022.

How Tall, How Much He Weighs, and How in Shape Robert Walker Jr. Is

Exactly how is Robert Walker Jr.’s health right now? He has passed on and is no more. As of the 5th of December, 2019, he had passed away. How tall was Robert L. Walker, Jr.? Looking for the Robert Walker Jr. height and weight in imperial and metric systems? We covered his stats here, including his weight and build, and the hues of his eyes and hair. In terms of stature, he was 1.73 meters tall and weighed.

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Cause of Death

Actor Robert Walker Jr., known for his roles in the Star Trek franchise, has passed away. He was 79. ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ tweeted their condolences, saying, “We are heartbroken to report the passing of Robert Walker Jr., the actor who played the eponymous role in Star Trek: The Original Series episode ‘Charlie X.'”

The show’s official website states that Walker’s relatives broke the news. It’s unclear what ultimately caused his death.

His wife Dawn wrote in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, “Bob always beat to his own drum and kept true to himself in all of his undertakings.” In spite of his acting chops, he felt that his primary art was simply living. In addition to being a photographer and drummer and storyteller and gallery owner, he also played drums.

She went on to say that he stayed in Malibu because of his “passion for the ocean,” and that he shared exciting stories about his trips to Catalina by kayak. Bob “always looked for ways to improve his internal martial arts training.”

In episode 2 of season 1 of Star Trek: The Original Series, Walker played Charlie Evans.

The episode “Charlie X,” originally broadcast on September 15, 1966, features a 17-year-old named Evans (Walker) who is the lone survivor of a transport ship crash on the planet Thasus. For 14 years, Evans was the only human on Earth. Evans’s potentially lethal superpowers are unveiled in a later chapter.

While speaking to in 2013, the episode’s creator, D.C. Fontana, said, “I loved the work Robert Walker Jr. did… the ending I had written was retained — with Charlie being taken away where he could do no harm, but where he could never be with anyone he could ever really touch.” Fontana passed away on Monday.

On Thursday, his family announced to the “Star Trek” website that Robert Walker Jr., the son of actors Robert Walker and Jennifer Jones, had passed away. He was 79.

Walker Jr.’s role as Charlie Evans in the first season episode “Charlie X” of “Star Trek” in 1966 is his most well-known role. His main character was an outcast teen who happened to have psychic abilities. This week’s death of D.C. Fontana, who wrote the episode, is another sad coincidence.

In the 1960s, Walker Jr. appeared in a number of films, including “Ensign Pulver,” costarring Burl Ives and Walter Matthau, and “Young Billy Young,” again costarring Ives and Matthau.

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