Yuri Shatunov Cause of Death: A Closer Look Into Profession Life, Career, and Lifestyle in 2022!

The 1980s Russian band Laskovyi Mai, which included Yuri Shatunov as its lead vocalist, is perhaps the most well-known example of his work. His father Vasiliy Klimenko, a driver, and mother Vera Shatunova welcomed him into the world. When Shatunova was just 11 years old, his mother Vera passed away from cardiac problems in the year 1984. When he was just a young boy of three, his father had already left them. Shatunov was then moved to Orenburg Children’s Home Number 2 in Orenburg, where he had a history of disobedience, including running away from the orphanage, singing and playing the guitar on the streets to earn money, smoking, getting into fights, and skipping work.

Death of Yuri Shatunov

yuri shatunov cause of death

On June 23, 2022, in Moscow, 48-year-old Yuri Shatunov, the band’s frontman, passed away. His heart failure was what ultimately caused his death. In addition to the singer’s family and friends, the whole public was also in shock when Yuri Shatunov passed away. Her hit song “Rosas Blancas” appealed to both young and old, making the performer a ’90s sensation. The Voice actor, 48, passed away unexpectedly. Shatunov’s demise had a specific cause, according to the Domodedovo hospital’s senior physician.

With his situation in grave decline, Yuri Shatunov was taken to Domodedovo Central Hospital. Obstruction of a cardiac vessel following a heart attack was the cause of death. The entire heart muscle was affected by the resulting heart rhythm disruption, which was brought on by this. According to the clinic’s chief doctor, Andrey Osipov, “He was admitted to the vascular center of the Domodedovo hospital in a state of clinical death.”

He said numerous cardiologists and neurologists battled for an hour and a half to save the singer’s life but in vain. An extensive myocardial infarction resulted in abrupt cardiac failure, which led to death. According to a doctor interviewed by RIA Novosti, the culprit was a plaque that fragmented and blocked a significant cardiac vessel.

With coronary heart disease and “acute coronary syndrome” as his background, Shatunov experienced a transmural infarction. The singer was unable to move and was suffering from a lack of oxygen prior to his passing. His face was etched with unbearable pain. Some stories claim that edema developed as a result of fluid buildup between Yuri’s heart’s walls.

The vast majority of the big vessels did, in fact, break. Nearly 100% of patients in this condition will die. In this circumstance, I’m not sure what can save the patient. A toad-like swelling occurs when the heart is unable to beat regularly. The interlocutor is quoted as saying: “The count goes literally by seconds.

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Price Tag of Yuriy Shatunov

yuri shatunov cause of death

A general assessment of Yuriy Shatunov’s net worth is provided. The review spans the years 2017 through 2022, including 2019 through 2020. You can find out Yuriy Shatunov’s annual salary in the table below.

Estimated Income ($66.7K – $111.2K)
2022-06-24, last modified

The estimation displayed in the range above was made using data from online sources or other publicly available sponsorship-related information. It’s information from the collection of Yuriy Shatunov songs on Popnable.

Age, Biography, and Wikipedia

Russian singer Yuri Shatunov was born in Kumertau on September 6, 1973. Discover Yuri Shatunov’s biography, age, height, physical characteristics, relationships and affairs, family, and recent employment information. Find out how wealthy He is this year and how He manages His finances. Moreover, can you tell me how, at the age of 47, He acquired most of his wealth?

Being N/A popular

Occupation Singer

the age of 48

Zodiac Sign Virgo

September 6, 1973, as a baby

6 September is my birthday

Russia’s Kumertau, where I was born

Nationality Russia

We advise you to look through the full list of well-known people who were born on September 6, 2006. He is a member of a 48-year-old group of well-known singers.

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Size, Weight, and Height Information for Yuri Shatunov

yuri shatunov cause of death

Yuri Shatunov is 1.73 meters tall at the age of 48.

State of Health

1.73 meters tall

Availability of weight

No information about body measurements

Eye Color Unavailable

Inaccessible hair color

Yuri Shatunov’s wife is unknown.

He has Svetlana Shatunova as his spouse (m. 2007)

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Lack of parental involvement

Svetlana Shatunova, the husband (m. 2007)

Not available, sibling

Dennis and Estella Shatunov are two young people.

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