British Fans Are Bombarding Nicki Minaj, Who Pleads With Them to “Get Into a Contained Space” And Asks for Privacy

Fans in Camden, England, mobbed Nicki Minaj’s chauffeur-driven vehicle as it passed through the city on Monday, causing havoc. After wowing the Wireless Festival crowd in Finsbury Park over the weekend, Nicki Minaj decided to drop.

Even though she’d publicized her arrival on Sunday, Minaj arrived much later than expected and was forced to shut herself inside her car after waving to the growing audience.

In fact, Minaj took to Twitter to warn fans gathered around the automobile that the Metropolitan Police would not allow the event to proceed as planned if they did not calm down and behave properly.

British fans are bombarding Nicki Minaj, who pleads with them to "Get into a Contained Space" and asks for privacy

There will be no way for me to exit the vehicles if you don’t all go into a secure area quickly.” I ask that you refrain from running through the streets. Please settle down in a single location. She begged on Twitter for just one line.

There was a growing presence of law enforcement to secure the area and keep things under control as tensions rose and fans refused to leave the streets.

Many of the onlookers who were taking pictures of the mayhem were surprised to see so many police officers on the scene by Camden’s Cafe KOKO for an unannounced performance.

While surrounded by private security and police officers, Minaj attempted to enter the venue before the performance. Her attempts to get enter the venue discreetly were scuppered when fans spotted her and rushed to her aid.

It appears that one fan was going too near to Minaj, and the rapper can be seen asking that she back up before shoving the fan away from her. “My favorite literally touched me,” the fan wrote on TikTok about the encounter.

British fans are bombarding Nicki Minaj, who pleads with them to "Get into a Contained Space" and asks for privacy

After being taken by police and security, she was met by her adoring followers in a waiting black vehicle. Video of the chaos that ensued when Nicki Minaj‘s van drove away from the event was taken by others who were nearby.

Minaj and the event’s organizers eventually opted to cancel the event out of fear for the artist’s safety. They were entrusted with informing everyone who showed up that the singer had already left and that the event would not go on as planned.

According to a Metropolitan Police officer, “No matter what Ms. Minaj is tweeting, she’s not here, she’s driven past, she’s gone,” amid a chorus of shouts and jeers. No matter what she says, it’s a fact. Minaj has not officially addressed the postponement of the concert on her social media accounts.

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