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Craig Conover of Southern Charm Says Reconnecting with Naomie Olindo Demonstrated that ‘i’m Not Into This Anymore

Craig Conover of Southern Charm says reconnecting with Naomie Olindo demonstrated that 'I'm Not Into This Anymore

With Kathryn Dennis’ Great Gatsby’s 30th birthday party ending on a sour note, the guests needed to heal on Thursday’s Southern Charm episode.

Austen Kroll went to the gym, Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo drank water, and Kathryn drank coffee. Shep Rose and his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green recounted the evening the next morning when Taylor inquired about what Austen and Craig had discussed with him at the party.

“I expected Craig to put his hat in his palm and say, ‘You know what? Perhaps I’ve been a little less than desirable in terms of friendship.’ “Taylor was informed by Shep. “But when we arrived, he was simply diverting, deflecting, deflecting. Craig then acknowledged sleeping with Naomie Olindo in Las Vegas.”

Kathryn “implied that it wasn’t just Vegas — it’s been kind of a low-key, ongoing thing,” Shep added. Naomie Olindo on Hooking Up with Ex Craig Conover: ‘Neither of Us Thought We’d Get Back Together Paige, on the other hand, felt at ease with Craig and Naomie’s past, and said she spoke with his ex frequently at Kathryn’s party.

“I mean, it’s obviously not the most comfortable thing, like when you guys slept together over the summer. However, I am not in high school. I’m not going to disregard her “Paige addressed Craig. “Everybody has had an ex. Everyone has had previous relationships. If you two didn’t get along, I’d consider it a red flag.”

While Craig and Paige’s relationship appeared to be stable after meeting Naomie at the party, Kathryn and boyfriend Chleb Ravenell’s relationship was tested. Kathryn expressed her displeasure with Caleb’s statement that Venita Aspen wanted to speak with her because “it made me feel like suddenly you’re on her team and not mine.”

“I get the impression you don’t like a lot of people, and that’s not how I roll,” Chleb explained to Kathryn. “As if I had no troubles with any of my pals or anything. When it comes down to you and your friends, it appears that you have issues with the majority of them.”

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