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Ej Osborne Cause of Death: Star of Daytime Show Money For Nothing – After He Dies in Hospice Aged 45!

ej osborne cause of death

TV host EJ Osborne was most known for his appearances on the BBC show Money for Nothing. He was also a skilled artisan, and he worked with Sarh Moore on the show during his stay there. He died at the age of 45 at the Dorothy House Hospice near Bath, Somerset.

EJ Osborne’s history, wife, daughter, gender, net worth, and other data will be covered in this post, but before we get into that, here is his profile.

Cause of Demise

Former Money For Nothing host, EJ Osborne, has died at the age of 45, it has been revealed. The woodworker from Australia died on Monday at the Dorothy House Hospice in Bath, Somerset. For now, we don’t know what caused the death of the person.

His wife Anne-Marie published a statement on his Instagram profile on Wednesday, which read: “21.09.2020 – 22.02.1975. For the time being, here are a few images that demonstrate our unwavering devotion. My love, good night.

“During the final three and a half weeks of EJ’s life, he was cared for by the beautiful women at Dorothy House hospice. I was awestruck by their compassion, resilience, and kindness while I was with him every day.

“There were so many people who made it plain that this was more than a job for Ella, Jemima, Gemma, and Mendez, Clare, Trish, as well as Irish Helen and Scottish Helen.

I’ll never forget them. These are the women who make the world go round. Donations to Dorothy House, a non-profit organization, are welcome. I have no idea what we would have done if they hadn’t been there.”

His wife and daughter, Orla, are left to mourn the loss of the late television celebrity. This page serves as a monument to late-career celebrities.

As his co-host, Sarah Moore wrote in a moving ode: RIP, my friend “When we learned of the death of our beloved TV family member @hatchetandbear, we at @monfornothing were all shocked and in shock.

“As a team, we’d want to extend our deepest condolences to his loved ones. Our hearts were shattered by his fervor for life, vitality, and dedication. On one of his many trips abroad the previous year, he snapped this picture and emailed it to me.

“EJ’s wife, Anne-Marie, has asked that we share our photos, so I’m publishing this one since I believe he looks so happy. Say your goodbyes with purple sequins, dear friend, and may your soul rest in peace. I’ll see you on the other side.”

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EJ Osborne’s Life History

EJ Osborne, who was born on February 2, 1975, in Australia, is best known in the United Kingdom as the host of the popular show Money for Nothing.

The reason for his change from woman to man, he disclosed in an interview, was because of a psychological breakdown.

Craftsman EJ Osborne frequently demonstrated his skills on the show, which he co-hosted with Sarah Moore, one of the show’s top hosts.

The Responsibilities of A Professional Life

Osborne was a big fan of modifying local products and using them to their fullest potential in the local area. After completing his schooling, he began to investigate traditional cultural crafts.

For useful spoons and utensils, he uses a variety of classic and easy ways to carve wood from various types of wood. His usual existence came to an end after appearing on BBC One’s “Money For Nothing” craft and up-cycling afternoon show.

Ethan-James is well-known for his book ‘Hatchet+Bear Spoon Carving,’ released by Quadrille in 2017, in addition to his TV appearances.

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Early Life and Education

Osborne was born Ethan-James Osborne, and he is the mastermind behind some of the most beautiful handcrafted kitchenware in the world.

Since there isn’t much of a personal wiki on Ej, we were unable to find out his birthday, parents, or any other relevant information about his life before he joined the group.

He went to Kingston University in the United Kingdom to study product design. In addition, he enrolled in the Royal Forestry Society’s Arboriculture program.

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Ej’s marital status is a mystery, so we’ll never know if he has a wife, girlfriend, or any other type of companion. This person was most likely of white ancestry and British nationality. As a child, he was fascinated by the natural world and devoted himself to his job.

Earnings and Assets

It’s time for a new look at craft on BBC daytime “Money for Nothing” brought in a sizable paycheck for Osborne. Osborne’s net worth is still up in the air, and it’s not clear how much money he’s accumulated.

Sales of his items were expected to be the primary source of his income. Because of EJ’s flourishing television career and his well-run web business, he has seen an increase in his personal wealth.

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