Honorary Degree from London’s University of Arts for Florence Welch, Florence + the Machine Singer

After receiving an honorary degree from London’s University of the Arts on Wednesday, Florence Welch broke down in tears, but she had a good cause for doing so.

When the 35-year-old British singer attended her first art school graduation, she wore a cap and gown and even spoke at the event, recalling how entering art school “loomed extremely huge” in her imagination before she even decided to take the leap and go.

Welch, whose mother went to Harvard and the Warburg Institute at the University of London, expressed her gratitude for the distinction in an emotional address.

In her speech, Welch also revealed that she started working at a bar after high school, much to her mother’s displeasure. – In the end, she applied to the Camberwell College of Arts at the university. After a year, she decided to leave the band to focus on Florence + The Machine full-time.

Honorary degree from London's University of Arts for Florence Welch, Florence + the Machine singer

It’s all history from here on out, as they say. To be in a band, rather than apply to any universities, she explained: “But at that moment in my life there really wasn’t a band.”

“Nearly impossible to believe. Many people were intoxicated. A year later, I attempted to apply to an art school but was unsuccessful. The fact that [they accepted me] makes me quite happy. I can honestly state that I would not be the artist I am now if it weren’t for that foundation year’s structure and shelter, which gave me the freedom to create and dream.”

Florence Welch There is a critical shortage of creatives in the workforce, and Welch urged the class of 2022 to keep pursuing their passions as artists.

“The importance of art cannot be overstated,” she remarked. “In its ability to make sense of the illogical and convey the inexpressible, it is a lifesaving force. Please keep it in mind as you embark on your journey into the unknown. Artists are more important than ever.”

Honorary degree from London's University of Arts for Florence Welch, Florence + the Machine singer

Evelyn Welch, Welch’s mother, took to Twitter to publish a picture of her daughter sitting on stage in her graduation attire.

“I don’t normally tweet about my children, but I wanted to celebrate Florence’s honorary degree from #UAL today,” she wrote. “When it comes to fostering creativity, she spoke passionately about the role that art colleges play. Awed by all she has accomplished.”

Since the release of its debut album, Lungs, in 2009, Welch and her GRAMMY-nominated band have enjoyed enormous success. In May, Welch & Co. released its fifth studio album, Dance Fever, which debuted at No. 4 on Billboard’s top rock albums chart.

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