“I Was Raised to Support Women on Set Because of My Mother,” Ryan Gosling Says of Her Influence

For the women in his life, Ryan Gosling is a champion! His co-star Alfre Woodard thanked him at the premiere of his new film The Gray Man for standing up for and protecting the rights of women on set and during filming. So, to whom does the 41-year-old actress give credit for this quality?

In an interview with ET’s Lauren Zima after the film’s debut, he said, “My mum.” In the middle of filming a scene, Woodard saw Gosling stand up for Ana de Armas and defend her. To paraphrase what she said to ET, “He is a person who watches out for women.

"I was raised to support women on set because of my mother," Ryan Gosling says of her influence

” Every time she [de Armas] requested, said, or recommended something and it went around the whole set… you know, everyone has an opinion, [but Ryan] always replied: ‘I’m with Ana on this. I support her views.'”

 ET’s Lauren Zima When Gosling was there to support her on site, it made her feel like a part of the team. Her response was, “That makes me happy because Ryan is someone I look up to so much.

” My first time in Los Angeles, I didn’t speak English very well, and I had no means of expressing myself, so I just memorized, ‘I just want Ryan [Gosling’s] career.'” See what I mean? What a hoot!”

"I was raised to support women on set because of my mother," Ryan Gosling says of her influence

In addition to keeping an eye out for 13-year-old actress Julia Butters, the celebrity also shared some advice with her on how to be a kid star, but he also pointed out that she already has a wealth of experience in the film industry to offer.

“She had a tremendous team of people behind her and she did a fantastic job,” Ryan Gosling added. “I’m sure you’ve heard that she’s also a filmmaker?” The first time I met her, the Russos introduced me to her and showed me some of her films. Taking a filmmaker’s eye on things, she approached it.”

There are plenty of women in Gosling’s life as well. Eva Mendes and their two children, Esmeralda, 7, and Amada, 6, are the couple’s primary residences. There will be a screening of The Gray Man in cinemas on Friday and on Netflix on July 22.

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