Ivana Trump Cause of Death: Ex-Wife of Former President Trump, Died from Fall: Medical Examiner

First lady Ivana Trump, the ex-wife of former US President Donald Trump, is being remembered for more than her renowned name and her economic acumen, which allowed her to maintain a lavish lifestyle even after the couple’s divorce.

Because she was born in communist Czechoslovakia, she didn’t have a wealthy upbringing. After moving to Canada and working as a successful model, Ivana met Donald. On top of all of that, she was an excellent skier as well.

Between 1977 and 1992, the couple was wed. Ivana took up key positions in her husband’s business empire at that time, acting as executive vice president of the Trump Organization and CEO of the Trump Castle casino in New Jersey. Also, she had a significant hand in the design of the Trump Tower in New York City’s interiors.

Biography of Ivana Trump

ivana trump cause of death

A native of Czechoslovakia, Ivan Trump was born on February 20th, 1949. It was Ivana Jelinekova who went by that moniker back then. A Czech father and an Austrian mother were the parents of the young girl she was born to. There is no doubt that she was there. She was an exceptional athlete.

She married her ski instructor in 1971. She emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Austria and obtained Austrian citizenship as a result of her move.

A dissatisfied wife, she was looking for something more. Her decision was based on that. Then, after moving from Canada to the United States, she returned to Canada. The couple married in 1977 after meeting in 1976 and spending most of their marriage together in a state of intense love and affection.

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Amount of Money Owed to Ivana Trump

“Ivana Trump,” the world’s richest American entrepreneur, is worth $105 million dollars. Ivana Trump’s net worth is believed to be over $105 million, according to several internet resources (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB).

She has a net worth of $105 million, which we’ve already talked about. The majority of her wealth was amassed during her marriage to Donald Trump and was later awarded to her as alimony in their divorce deal. It has been a successful business venture for her since her divorce from Donald Trump.

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Death’s Reason

ivana trump cause of death

Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, died from blunt force torso injuries sustained in a fall down the stairs at her New York City residence on Friday afternoon, according to the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office’s statement.

It has been determined that she died as a result of an automobile accident. After being found unconscious and alone in her Upper East Side apartment on Thursday, the 73-year-old woman was declared dead by NYPD. First responders arrived on the site and declared her dead.

According to local restaurant owner Giuliano Zuliani, who last saw Ivana two weeks ago, she appeared to be struggling to get up and down the stairs.

“She wasn’t in good health. She was in such bad shape that she could scarcely get out of bed. This is what he told me: “She didn’t eat her dinner [here]; she went home with it.

On Friday, her friend Nikki Haskell told Page Six that Ivana Trump had intended to go for St. Tropez. ‘It was her first trip away since the pandemic,’ she said. She was frightened of contracting the infection.”

A message on the former president’s Truth Social social networking site revealed her death, calling her an “inspirational, fantastic, gorgeous, and incredible woman.”

Ivana Trump married Donald Trump in 1977, and the couple had three children together: Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka Trump. Trump’s wife had a number of senior roles at the Trump Organization during their marriage.

After their divorce in 1992, she went on to become a fashion designer and a TV presenter on QVC and Home Shopping Network.

When Donald’s affair with Marla Maples, his future second wife, came to light, their divorce became a major news story in the tabloids.

Ivana was awarded a $14 million settlement, which included a house, an apartment in Trump Tower, and access to Mar-a-Lago on a regular basis. “Don’t get furious, grab everything,” she famously advised her ex-husband after their divorce.

Her advice column for the Boston Globe ran for 15 years and she published numerous books, both fiction and nonfiction, over her career as well.

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