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Jennifer Garner and Adorable Son Ride in Fourth of July Parade Samuel, 10 Years Old: Photographs

Jennifer Garner and Adorable Son Ride in Fourth of July Parade Samuel, 10 years old: Photographs

In Los Angeles, Jennifer Garner escorted her 10-year-old son Samuel Affleck to the Pacific Palisades Fourth of July Parade (July 4). While driving through the yearly parade, the mother-son combo waved to the audience from the top of a red automobile. Samuel, who was standing next to his famous mom, appeared to be having the time of his life, grinning from ear to ear.

“Let Freedom Ring” T-shirts and denim pants were worn by Alias actress and her youngest child, who she shares with Ben Affleck. Samuel wore a blue hat while Jennifer wore black sunglasses. The front door of Jennifer’s car was adorned with a banner announcing her role as the parade’s Grand Marshal. With their seats in the back, Jennifer and Samuel were able to see the entire audience.

Ex-husband Parade  Samuel and their children Seraphina, 13, and Violet, 16, are shared by Jennifer Garner and her former spouse. A Lamborghini dealership in Los Angeles recently let Ben, 49, let Samuel, 10, drive the fancy automobile. However, Samuel backed up the car and hit a parked BMW.

Ben was quite upset about this. “Jennifer is not happy” about the June 26 incident in which Ben’s fiancee, Jennifer Lopez, was also present, a source close to her tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.”

“She realizes how hazardous that was and she knows things could have gone horribly wrong, so she’s beyond thankful nobody got hurt,” one insider said. We were told that “Jen doesn’t blame J. Lo at all because Ben should’ve known better” despite the fact that she is a mother.

This made Ben quite angry, and Jen is well aware of this. The apology was heartfelt, and he expressed his sincere apologies. Even though she’s moved on, she wishes Ben and Samuel had taken something positive away from the incident.

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