Mia Amber Davis Death

Mia Amber Davis, the “Road Trip” big girl, died of a blood clot in her lungs, according to her death certificate, but her husband still feels KNEE SURGERY was to blame. Since the 36-year-old actress died on May 10… one day after undergoing regular knee surgery… the official cause of death has remained a mystery.
Mia’s primary cause of death is now listed as “pulmonary thrombo-embolism,” which is a blockage in the major artery of the lung, according to an UPDATED death certificate filed in L.A. County. But here’s where things get murky: the doctor placed “LEFT KNEE, OPERATED” under the heading “significant conditions leading to death but not resulting in the underlying cause.”

Michael Yard, Mia’s husband, questioned the Coroner’s Officer if this indicated she died as a result of the operation, but the office replied it couldn’t say for sure. Yard claims that the procedure DID cause Mia’s death, noting that she had never had any problems with blood clots before going under the knife.

Mia Amber Davis’ Death

mia amber davis death

A blood clot killed Mia Amber Davis. That’s according to her cousin, Dr. Mignon R. Moore, who tells E! News exclusively that the coroner informed her husband, the Road Trip star and plus-sized model, of the preliminary result yesterday.

She says, “The family is crushed.” “She went to a very reputable physician because this was such an unexpected loss.” On the day of her surgery, I took her myself, and she died within 24 hours.” Janice Dickinson Expands on Mia and Backtracks in Her Plus-Size Model Rant

According to Mignon, the coroner’s investigator talked with Davis’ husband, Michael Yard, last night.
The presence of a blood clot was predicted, but the cause of death will not be known for several weeks due to the time it takes for toxicology test results.

“Nothing has been proven,” she says, “although the coroner did say that he believes Mia died from a blood clot connected to the knee operation.” “We’re only now learning that this is all too frequent, and most individuals are unaware of the hazards of arthroscopic surgery.” They must be informed about the dangers.” Davis was delighted to have this procedure done, according to Mignon, because she had been having difficulty owing to an old sports injury.

Her relative explains, “She had long-term knee difficulties.” “She couldn’t walk on it since it was always swollen.” She had high dreams and was very enthusiastic about life. In Los Angeles, she was creating Divorce Court.” Davis’ remains are presently being transported back to his family in New York, where he will be buried, though no date has been established.

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The Fashion Industry Is Astounding

mia amber davis death

Davis’s untimely death at the age of 36 horrified her family, including husband Michael Yard, and shook the fashion business, where she was a well-known and renowned plus-size model residing in New York. She was also an actor, appearing in the film Road Trip.

Madeline Jones, the editor of PLUS Model Magazine, said, “We’re terribly upset.” “We feel as though our entire universe has crumbled.” And the plus-size business will never be the same again. She was a huge supporter of plus-size ladies. She was fully dressed from head to toe, with not a hair out of place. She cherished herself. “She looked and felt great.”

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Nature’s Mia Amber Davis

mia amber davis death


She was not only a skilled producer, editor, and model, but she was also a stunning woman. “She was compassionate, bright, and unique, with a sarcastic sense of humor and a deep loyalty to those she loved, particularly her loving husband Mike and her mother Ida,” Steinberg added. “We are profoundly grieved by Mia’s premature death and the void it has left in the universe, and I can speak for the whole Divorce Court staff when I say that her gentle heart and good outlook will be dearly missed.” During this tragic moment, our thoughts and prayers are with her family.”


Meanwhile, Davis’ friend Madeline Figueroa-Jones, the editor of Plus Model Magazine, which featured the voluptuous model on the cover in April 2007, tells E! News that people have been sending her condolences. She also talked with Yard, who she described as “absolutely devastated”—”as is the rest of the world, the plus-size community, her supporters, and our readers.”Former supermodel Janice Dickinson, who hosted Oxygen’s The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: Size Does Matter, where Mia featured during the fourth season, is also in grief.


Dickinson tells E! News, “I am pleased to say she was my friend and she had a heart of gold and I loved her deeply.”The Mia Amber Memorial Fund, which accepts donations in place of flowers, has been established by the family to commemorate Mia’s memory.