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New Song by Sabrina Carpenter Talks About Being Called “S—T” and “Homewrecker”

New Song by Sabrina Carpenter Talks About Being Called "S—t" and "Homewrecker"

Sabrina Carpenter wears her emotions on her sleeve. The singer’s latest album, Emails I Can’t Send, was released on July 15th, and one song, in particular, has been getting a lot of attention.

Carrie Carpenter sings about the criticism she received from others because she had a relationship with a boy in “Because I Like the Boy.”

An ex-boyfriend and Black-Eyed Pea fan helped the Girl Meets World actress connect with a new love interest. In fact, Carpenter implies that not everyone saw it that way and made a decision based on that.

When Carpenter sings, “Now I’m a homewrecker, I’m an s—-” he is referring to himself. Filling up semi-trucks with death threats was a common theme.

Carpenter expresses his displeasure with the assumptions that others make about a scenario in his song “People Make.”

She says, “I’m the hottest topic in your mouth.” A rebound getting around/Stealin’ from the young. Tell me who you are. Guess I don’t have a choice. All because of a lad.

And Sabrina Carpenter hints that things haven’t been easy. When she sings, “Everything’s derailing,” she’s not worrying about the worst-case scenario at all. “While your heart was dying,

I was only trying to keep you close to me/not It’s an internet illusion/Just two kids going through it. You claimed I was too late to be your first love, but I’ll always be your favorite.”

Her subsequent comments reveal that “It all seemed so harmless at first,” she says. If you are interested in dating someone who has a past relationship with you, I do not advocate it.”

As a result, Carpenter suggests that people may not know the full story. She sings, “And for what/When everything went down/We’d already broken up.” As the song sings, “Please tell me who I am/ Guess I don’t have a choice/All because I liked a boy.”

Many social media users assumed the song was about Carpenter’s purported romance with Joshua Bassett, who allegedly also dated Olivia Rodrigo at one point (Olivia and Joshua have both created music that appears to give their sides of the story, though they have never corroborated this theory).

This love triangle should never come to an end for as long as there are songs about it, according to one Twitter user’s assertion. As a follow-up, “If Olivia can sing about her experience, Sabrina can as well.”

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