Season 24 of ‘big Brother’ Brings a Shocking Exit to The House on Eviction Night

Already, Big Brother’s 24th season has proven to be one of the most surprising and tumultuous in recent memory. Most viewers were shocked by how one competitor was sent packing on Thursday’s first night of live evictions.

It was revealed that Paloma Aguilar had left the house early due to “a personal problem” before the live eviction vote could begin. The show hinted that Paloma Aguilar’s increased worry and tension throughout her week on the show was tied to her decision.

As a result of Paloma’s exit, which makes her only the fourth Big Brother contestant to ever do so, the show’s much-anticipated “Backstage Twist” was scrapped.

Paloma’s exit would have had a major impact on the houseguests, according to host Julie Chen Moonves. “Five of you were on the verge of being sent home this week.

Season 24 of 'Big Brother' brings a shocking exit to the house on eviction night

Big Brother’s 24th season Taylor Hall and Terrance Higgins, along with Alyssa [Snider], Brittany [Hoopes], and Paloma, the three players who were sent backstage, were the nominees “Julie was the one to make the disclosure.

Big Brother’s 24th season “Tonight was supposed to be a struggle between one of the two nominees selected by the house and one of the backstage pass holders, rather than a vote and eviction. Those who were defeated in a head-to-head matchup would have been expelled from the tournament right away.”

“One of the houseguests will be sent packing tonight thanks to a surprise twist orchestrated behind the scenes. Because Paloma was one of the five contestants in peril of being removed, everything that was supposed to happen tonight is now completely different “Julie went on with her story.

“The backstage sleight of hand has ended. As a result, Alyssa and Brittany won’t have to worry about being sent home tonight.”

Since “no one was going to be voted out and ousted this week like a normal show,” Taylor and Terrance are also safe from eviction, according to Julie’s explanation.

Season 24 of 'Big Brother' brings a shocking exit to the house on eviction night

This essentially means that the program starts over, and the houseguests will compete in the next Head of Household competition after the show has restarted.

To determine who would advance to the actual Head of Household competition, the remaining contestants competed in a two-person obstacle course race.

Nobody expected Jasmine Davis to win her race against Terrence, but she tripped and injured herself when she got up from the winning platform.

As Jasmine lay on the ground clutching her ankle, the show abruptly cut to commercial. When the show returned, Jasmine was still in a lot of pain, but she appeared to be in a good mood. At this point, it’s not clear how the injury will affect her performance on the field.

In spite of the fact that no one was expelled from the competition because of Paloma’s early withdrawal, the atmosphere remained tense. Paloma’s departure broke the hearts of several of the houseguests who had grown close to her.

While Paloma struggled with anxiety, the show revealed that she slept just two or three hours a night. “I’m looking for a little peace and quiet. I mean it. I’m unable to get any rest in this place.

I’m worn out, “Paloma and I talked in Paloma’s journal room. Aside from her erratic eating habits, other candidates were being asked to remove her as a voting option.

After a while, Daniel Durston brought everyone into the living room to read a statement from the producers. Paloma will no longer be participating in the Big Brother game, Daniel announced through tears, “because of a personal situation.”

The message reads, “She just wanted to say how much she loves you all and to wish you the best.” It was a dramatic turn in this contentious season. Big Brother season 4 breaths of air on CBS every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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