Second Child: “Rainbow Babies” Laura Benanti’s Second Child: “Rainbow Babies”

Laura Benanti has added to her brood! The Tony Award-winning actress and her husband Patrick Brown had their first child on Saturday, and the couple took to social media to announce the birth of their daughter.

“Welcome to the world Louisa Georgia Benanti-Brown,” she wrote in a post that shows the girl’s elder sister bonding with her. “Our second daughter, born at 2:43 a.m. on July 9th, was a blessing to our family!”

First-year-old Ella is seen in Benanti’s Instagram photo holding Louisa’s hand. In a second photo, the child is shown smiling as she holds her infant sister. Benanti also revealed to her fans that she and her husband used a surrogate to deliver their daughter Louisa.

Second Child: "Rainbow Babies" Laura Benanti's Second Child: "Rainbow Babies"

Laura Benanti ‘Like many, the route toward extending our family has had many hurdles,’ Benanti wrote in the caption. “However, our journey has also been distinguished by the privilege of following numerous pathways to develop our family. Surrogate mother who carried and delivered our baby girl was an “angel on earth” who was “amazing.”

Benanti claimed it was “an other-worldly giving of spirit, body, and goodwill that can never be repaid” before concluding with “Ella and Louisa – Rainbow kids.” “We are the rainbow sisters.”

M is for MAMA (and also Merlot): A Modern Mom’s ABCs was written by Benanti and her friend and fellow actress Kate Mangiameli last year to offer humorous relief for moms in the shape of an alphabet board book.

“Kate and I both battled postpartum depression when our children were born,” Benanti said in an interview with PEOPLE. Bringing a sense of levity to what can feel like a life-or-death scenario became very essential to me since I couldn’t perceive the humor in it the way I normally do.

Second Child: "Rainbow Babies" Laura Benanti's Second Child: "Rainbow Babies"

“You’re keeping a human alive and that can be a lot of strain, so I think every opportunity that we have to laugh is a wonderful one,” she said.

When asked about her experience dealing with “mother shamers,” the My Fair Lady actress said that she had received comments on her decision to return to work, as well as advice on the best school for her child and breastfeeding. Her infant daughter Ella Rose had an allergy to breast milk.

“There are so many various ways to raise your child, and those ways should be up to you as an individual,” Benanti stated. In other words, “it’s really astonishing that people think it’s okay to embarrass you or suggest their method of doing things is better,”

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