This Show Is Called “90 Day Fiance.” It’s No Secret that Star YVE Has the Gift of Healing! Get to Know Her Profession and Earnings

Yve Arellano, an American, is the newest contestant on 90 Day Fiancé to take a chance on a cross-border romance with Egyptian love interest Mohamed Abdelhamid. But she isn’t the only one that does this.

Until “a man half my age” slipped into her DMs, the TLC newcomer, who is a healer by trade, said she was happy with her lot in life. You can find out everything we know about Yve and her career by reading on.

How old is Yve in ’90 Day Fiance?’Yve has reached the age of 48. Her Egyptian lover, 25, is 24 years younger than the reality TV star. What Is Yve’s Career Purpose on 90-Day Fiance?

As a mom of one, the acupuncturist and massage therapist revealed on the season 9 premiere: “I am licensed.” As one who enjoys making a difference in people’s lives and helping them heal,

This show is called "90 Day Fiance." It's No Secret That Star Yve Has the Gift of Healing! Get to Know Her Profession and Earnings

As stated in her professional biography, Yve Arellano has dual certification as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist. In addition to acupuncture and therapeutic massage, the holistic health care provider also provides other treatments.

As I’ve performed cupping therapy, a form of alternative medicine that helps with “pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and well-being and as a type of deep-tissue massage,” her friend Tatiana was captured on camera saying: “Any time I have an issue with my body, I come and see my dear friend Yve.”

In New Mexico, the average pay for an acupuncturist is $62,230, according to Is Mohamed right or wrong in his belief system? Her Egyptian companion, however, clearly disagrees with the New Mexican, who believes that her Native American heritage has led her “on the path of being a healer.”

in 2022, Yve brought her fiancé to a traditional fire ceremony with her friends in order to purify the “bad energy” that was causing tension between the two of them at the time The cleansing and purification properties of fire rites are well-known in Native American traditions, as I’ve revealed in a confessional.

In addition, “let go of things that may have been difficult or challenging.” As a result, her partner’s reaction is just the opposite. Mohamed admitted that he felt like he was in a movie. We can’t agree with Yve’s beliefs. Why don’t we beg God for what we want if we can’t have it ourselves? Fire, for example, has no connection to making wishes.

TLC newcomer “If that’s how Yve and her pals practice their faith, that conflicts with my values,” he said. The Question Is, “Are They Together Any Longer?” There’s a photo of the couple in 2022, though, showing they’re still together in a recording studio.

This show is called "90 Day Fiance." It's No Secret That Star Yve Has the Gift of Healing! Get to Know Her Profession and Earnings

The individual I’ve been talking to has a lot of intriguing ideas and dreams that I have shared with him. A handful of these nightmares may cause him to raise his brow, but he doesn’t roll his eyes,” she said in the description of the photo.

“One little-known fact about this man is that he is willing to provide a hand in any effort I embark on. Despite our huge differences, we have a lot in common. Because of our differences, we have strong synchronicity and a deep connection and affinity.

Ending her Facebook message, the single mother thanked Mohamed for his “unweathered resilience, love, and support.” According to Mohamed’s social media activities, he’s still in the United States. With only 90 days to be married under K-1 visa requirements, Mohamed had to leave the country or risk violating U.S. immigration law.

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