tim gillean net worth

Tim Gillean is a real estate agent and entrepreneur from Texas. On September 15th, 1966, the business mogul was born. Tim has so reached the age of 55. He is also of Caucasian ancestry and possesses American nationality.

Furthermore, little is known about his parents, and no one knows if he has any siblings. He completed his secondary schooling at a local high school. Tim Gillean afterward went on to the University of Texas, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1991.

Family & Childhood

Tim Gillean was born in the town of Plano, Texas, on September 15, 1966. His father operated a small real estate firm. Tim had a lot of fun and was quite intelligent from an early age. His father taught him the trade.


Tim successfully completed high school and college. He opted to pursue his studies after earning a higher education. After that, he proceeded to college to finish his studies. Tim earned a bachelor’s degree from Plano Grad College. He had a heart and soul for business. He began his profession after it. Tim Gillean has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars.

Tim Gillean’s assets, money, and income are believed to be worth more than $400 million. He also owns a number of high-end, limited-edition supercars and yachts. The businessman owns his own yacht, Yacht Safe Heaven, which was established in 2014.

Tim Gillean, along with his entire family, lives a luxury lifestyle. He occasionally appears on his son Gage Gillean’s YouTube channel, where they flaunt their lavish lifestyles. Despite the fact that he appears to be wealthy, his status and fortune were not always such. He managed to create an exotic empire via hard effort and clever decisions.

Tim Gillean’s Net Worth:

tim gillean net worth

The businessman has an estimated net worth of over $400 million, which includes all of his assets, capital, and earnings. He also owns a number of high-end, limited-edition supercars and yachts. He also owns the Yacht Safe Heaven, a sleek and opulent-looking vessel that was launched in 2014.

Tim Gillean, along with his entire family, lives a luxury lifestyle. He was frequently featured on their son’s YouTube channel, Gage Gillean, where they flaunt their lavish lifestyles.

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Source of Earnings

Cross Equities is his primary source of income as the founder and president of a real estate investment business. He surely earns a substantial sum of money because Real Estate is considered one of the most lucrative and successful companies in the modern world.

The businessman is said to be worth at least $1 billion, according to the Daily Mail. Tim Gillean is claimed to make money from a variety of sources in addition to his Real Estate firm. He is said to be the owner of numerous lucrative private firms.


tim gillean net worth

Despite the fact that he is a well-known real estate businessman, little information about him and his company are widely shared in the media. With two other partners, Cory Emerson and McLean Duncan, he created the real estate investment firm “Cross Equities.”
“Cross Equities,” a real estate firm established in Dallas, Texas, is actively active. The firm primarily invests in various real estate properties in the United States and Mexico. In the not-too-distant future, the team will undoubtedly extend its business globally.

Spanish Villas (a 148-unit garden-style community), Spanish Rose (76 units), and Spanish Ridge are just a few of Cross Equities’ most well-known projects (372 units). In addition, the firm owns about 6,200 residential units in the Dallas metro region.

However, it is said that Tim Gillean is also a private company owner. As a result, according to the Daily Mail, he is worth a billion dollars. He hasn’t yet been inducted into Forbe’s Billionaire Club.


 Private Life

tim gillean net worth

Tim Gillean is married to Angela Gillean and has two children. Angela Gillean’s personal life appears to be kept hidden. She is almost completely unknown. Her Instagram account, angiegillean, is where you will find her.

In addition, Gage Gillean, the couple’s son, was born. Gage owns and operates the GG Exotics YouTube channel. Luxury lifestyles and hypercars are the focus of the channel.

Gage Gillean originally made headlines after he crashed his father’s custom-built purple 2017 Pagani Huayra Roadster, which is valued at roughly 3.4 million dollars. Thankfully, Gage was not seriously hurt in the crash.

In an interview, Gage said that his father, Tim Gillean, was first enraged at him. Tim, on the other hand, informed him that The Car might be replaced. Tim Gillean, Gage’s father, has been on Gage’s Youtube channel multiple times.

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Tim Gillean is a fantastic father as well as a brilliant real estate investor. Tim has a large collection of automobiles and lives a luxury lifestyle. Every year, he contributes a substantial sum to cancer sufferers. Finally, Tim is a successful businessman as well as a model citizen.