Tonight’s Tv Lineup Includes an Underappreciated Jason Statham Thriller

Did you know that Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham have occasionally worked together? Yeah! They don’t appear to be hostile toward one another. The smooth-talking Turkish in Snatch, Bacon in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and The Transporter’s impending part as a foreign snoop in Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre is all roles in Ritchie movies that contributed significantly to his early recognition.

Although Statham and Ritchie have proven to be a popular duo among movie buffs, their most recent picture, the heist action thriller Wrath of Man from last year, didn’t receive as much acclaim as it should have. Wrath of Man is on Amazon Prime Video and is in the service’s Top 10 movie chart at #6; it is between 1932 classic The Most Dangerous Game and Prime’s own popular animated sequel Hotel Transylvania: Transformania. However, Jason Statham is taking advantage of the opportunities the streaming world is offering him, and that is changing.

Tonight's TV lineup includes an underappreciated Jason Statham thriller.

A typical heist movie is not Wrath of Man. The film is divided into four parts, with the beginning of the majority of the sections revolving back around a violent heist in which numerous armored truck guards and onlookers are murdered.

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Five months after the robbery, Jason Statham’s character Patrick Hill submits an application to Fortico Security, a business that lost two of its guards in the theft and just about makes it through the qualifications to work as a security guard. It is shown that the enigmatic new Fortico employee is far more competent than he gave himself credit for when bandits kidnap one of Hill’s coworkers.

Tonight's TV lineup includes an underappreciated Jason Statham thriller.

In the next chapters, we find out that the Jason Statham character joined Fortico security for very personal reasons related to the terrible attack the company had endured months previously. Later on, we also discover more about the men who carried out the theft, their motivations, and the events that led to the bloody turn of events.

Not the ideal period for movies, Wrath of Man did not premiere in theatres. While the theatre business was still working to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jason Statham-starring thriller made its debut in May 2021. However, Wrath of Man was able to generate $104 million in total revenue against a $40 million production budget, which is a more than respectable profit margin for a movie during the COVID era. Its lone rival, the Billy Crystal/Tiffany Haddish dramedy Here Today, was thankfully a win for everyone involved.

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Even though Guy Ritchie has a devoted fan base, he hasn’t exactly been a darling of critics, and Wrath of Man didn’t exactly break the mold in that regard. It has a 66 percent reviewer approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is perilously close to the “green splat” threshold. Because of Ritchie’s distinctive style and his storytelling methods, critics believed the Jason Statham thriller was entertaining and at least marginally engaging, but that altogether it was essentially just silk on a pig. Contrarily, audiences experienced very different emotions. Wrath of Man was one of the instances where moviegoers disagreed with critics, receiving a 90 percent rating on RT, making it one of Ritchie’s most well-liked movies.

Tonight's TV lineup includes an underappreciated Jason Statham thriller.

No matter what viewers of Jason Statham’s films in cinemas or on streaming think of Wrath of Man or any other projects he’s worked on with the director, Statham will probably keep collaborating with Ritchie for a long time. The Transporter franchise, on the other hand, which gave him notoriety in the US, he seemed to no longer wish to be associated with.

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In spite of the fact that Statham participated in three of the films, he decided against playing Frank Martin again in 2015. In a recent interview, Statham disclosed that the production company had the audacity to make him a lower offer for The Transporter 4 than for the other films and that they wouldn’t let him see the screenplay before agreeing to star.

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