Vinnie Hacker Net Worth

Vinnie Hacker is a TikTok star, social media influencer, and model from the United States. He is widely known for his hilarious TikTok lip-sync videos. Vinnie has 7.2 million followers on TikTok, where he is quite famous. Vinnie Hacker’s net worth is expected to be about $1 million in 2022.

Early years

Vinnie Hacker was born in the city of Seattle, Washington, on July 14, 2002. His father works as an electrician, while his mother, Maria Hacker, works as a 911 dispatcher. He has an older brother, Reggie Hacker, who is also a social media celebrity.
Vinnie used to enjoy a variety of sports when he was younger. During his high school years, he enjoyed playing basketball and baseball. In reality, he attended Washington’s number one sports school. He has represented O’Dea High School and Seattle Select in baseball. He received his education from the University of Diversity.

Relationships & Family

Vinnie Hacker Net Worth

Hacker was born in Seattle, Washington on July 14, 2002. His father worked as an electrician, and his mother as a 911 operator. Reggie Hacker, his older brother, is his father. Reggie excelled in basketball and baseball while still excelling in school.
He was raised in a Catholic home and acquired a passion for his faith. He played baseball for Seattle Select and O’Dea High School and is a member of the University of Diversity. Vinnie formerly attended Washington’s number one sports school and one of the country’s top 170 sports institutions.
In terms of his personal life, Vinnie is now single and has never been in a relationship. He spends most of his time working on his profession and is not yet ready to start dating.

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Vinnie Hacker Salary

Vinnie Hacker makes a good living on TikTok and as a model for SMG Models. Every TikTok post earns him between $721 and $1.2K. As a model, he earns between $21k and $204k.

In addition, as a representative for SMG Model, he earns between $46k and $153k. He has also modeled for the well-known apparel label Shadow Hill. By 2022, he is expected to have a net worth of $1 million from all of his sources of income.


Hackers used to edit music videos and short films for fun before becoming renowned on numerous social media sites. He also recorded sports clips on his YouTube and Instagram accounts. He has gained popularity since launching his TikTok account, where he shares lip-syncing, comedic sketches, and dancing videos.

Vinnie occasionally makes films with his family and friends, as well as fellow TikTok stars like Avani Gregg and Mason Gains, as well as others he met on Instagram and TikTok. On Tiktok, he has over 5.1 million followers and his videos have had over 230 million views.

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Hacker is also well-known on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, where he posts images of himself modeling. He also posts pictures of happy times he’s had with his family and friends. Vinnie has almost 1.8 million Instagram followers. He’s also active on Twitch and Twitter, with over 4,000 followers on both sites. He has launched a YouTube account on which he will post his videos.

Hacker is a happy person who wants to make a name for herself in modeling and social media. His Instagram photographs drew the attention of the proprietors of SMG model management, who gave him some shoots. He is now employed by the firm.

Career on TikTok

Vinnie Hacker Net Worth

In February of this year, Vinnie Hacker was first introduced to the social media app TikTok. He received roughly 1.7k likes on his debut video, which encouraged him to continue making films. Following that, several of his videos have been able to impress his fans.

Caption: Vinnie Hacker in a stance (Image credit: Biography Mask)
Despite this, he did not give up and continued to create TikTok material. He also began sharing lipsync, dance transitions, and amusing videos to his TikTok account, with his emotion as the main element.

The account gained a lot of admirers and followers as a result of such stuff. He currently has over 12 million followers and 47.2 million likes on Instagram.

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Career in Modeling


He is an excellent model in addition to being a TikTok celebrity. He has signed to the modeling agency SMG Models as a model. He also happens to be one of the agency’s official spokespersons.

His strength as a model is his ability to alter expression from strong to innocent, innocent to sensual, and retain it.

 Vinnie Hacker Dating

Vinnie Hacker Net Worth

Reneta Ri and Vinnie Hacker have reportedly been dating for quite some time.
Jowsy had the same suspicions and inquired if the TicToker was dating Ri. Hacker rejected the charge, stating that they are not in a relationship and have never been in a relationship.

Jowsy taunted Hacker with Ri in the interview, but the TikToker stayed firm on his statements and refuted all reports. However, it appears that Hacker is in a relationship but has kept his mouth shut about it.