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When the Directors of “Gray Man” Claim that Regé-Jean Page Made Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans “nervous,” The Actor Respond

When the Directors of "Gray Man" Claim that Regé-Jean Page Made Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans "nervous," The Actor Respond

Regé-Jean Page’s next project features an all-star cast. During a recent interview with ET’s Lauren Zima at the Netflix premiere of The Gray Man, the 34-year-old actor revealed that the Russo brothers, the film’s directors, made his A-list co-stars Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans worried about their casting.

When the Russo brothers are involved, who am I to stand in their way? In his own words, Page remarked. “They’ve been through it everything. That’s something I could live with. That’s all I have to say about it.”

EXCEPT for that, Page added one more detail, telling ET, “It’s a two-way street, isn’t it? At that moment, my thoughts went something like this: “I’m afraid, but also encouraged and inspired” It’s an honor to be beside them.”

When Page made her statement, it was the day after Joe Russo told ET about Page’s star power and how the actor and his co-stars felt.

“A movie star is this guy. As though they’d made a mold for Hollywood stars, this… When we met Regé, he was ten times more magnetic than he appeared on television. ” “Russo revealed to ET that he and brother Anthony Russo had a meeting with Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page. “It’s hard to believe, I know. In this film, we had a ball working with him.”

It’s a lot of competition, so I think Ryan and Chris were a little apprehensive when we cast Regé,” he said. He didn’t dispute that Page intimidated him, saying that she was “extremely calm.” Denny Carmichael, the wicked CIA chief in Page’s Gray Man role, thinks he’s “very lovely,” Page told ET.

It’s because of it, Page speculated, that he’s able to be so disturbing. As long as he’s confident in his ability to elicit goosebumps from you, it makes him creepy.

Page described the film as “fun” in the broadest sense. “I had a great time reading this book from beginning to end. I had a mental image of the entire scenario.

My brain was spinning with ideas, but then I recalled the Russos are directing it, and they can do just about anything you throw at them “he asserted, according to her.

This is what happens when you get on set and there are no boundaries to your imagination or the scope of what’s conceivable. In select cinemas on July 15, and on Netflix the following week, The Gray Man is available to see.

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