With an Inappropriate Chris Brown Music Video Cameo, Normani Rankles Irks Her Fans.

As if Normani wasn’t already at odds with social media over the whereabouts of her debut album. With her appearance in the music video for Chris Brown’s most recent track, “WE (Warm Embrace),” the former Fifth Harmony member enraged fans even more on Tuesday.

Normani is shown arriving at Brown’s mansion at night in the steamy five-minute video, which has already received 1.2 million views on YouTube. There, they engage in some sexually charged slow dancing while being illuminated by purple strobe lights. The musicians kiss and hug underwater in a different scene.

With an inappropriate Chris Brown music video cameo, Normani Rankles irks her fans.

Twitter users’ opinions on the artists’ collaboration looked to be divided as reactions poured in rapidly. While some fans praised Normani’s dance prowess and connection with Brown, the “Wild Side” singer also took a lot of flak from users upset with her decision to collaborate with Brown, given his legendary background (and current) of abuse allegations and charges of colorism.

One Twitter user, whose post has since gone viral, said, “Nobody on Normani’s team should have to warn her to not work with Chris Brown when we all had functional brains when the abuse happened and he’s had a reputation since.” “It’s not for her protection, really. She is supposed to be his supporter. The fact that Normani is an adult and didn’t care is all.

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One person commented about Chloe Bailey’s planned collaboration with Chris Brown: “I adore my daughters @ChloeBailey & @Normani but their collaborating with a KNOWN continuing abuser, i.e. Chris Brown, is so very sad” (and rapper the Game). “Where is the support for victims of domestic violence? That man has persisted in abusing several women, kicking women of color out of clubs, etc. Sigh.”

With an inappropriate Chris Brown music video cameo, Normani Rankles irks her fans.

Given that Normani was the first-ever ambassador for Brown’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna’s lingerie line Savage X Fenty—whom he allegedly abused in 2009— she thought that Normani and Brown’s collaboration was insulting.

In addition to the unfavorable comments, after the video’s publication, footage of Normani suggesting she “could alter” Brown in an (undated) interview started circulating on Twitter.

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That is only one of several interviews in which Normani has expressed her admiration for Brown, including her 2016 Bombshell Mag cover story and a 2014 appearance with Fifth Harmony on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, where she gushed about the musician.

With an inappropriate Chris Brown music video cameo, Normani Rankles irks her fans.

Although his throng of online admirers would want to think differently, everyone who has followed Brown’s career or read stories about the singer is aware that his domestic violence against Rihanna is far from the sole blemish on his reputation. A lady had just this past January filed a civil case against Brown, claiming he had raped her on a yacht. A woman claimed that Brown slapped her so hard that her weave fell out, prompting the LAPD to look into violence charges against the musician in June of last year.

Due to “insufficient evidence,” no charges were brought against him. Since then, Brown has released texts he exchanged with the woman, which he believes demonstrate that they had a consensual encounter. Karrueche Tran, a model, and actress, issued him a five-year restraining order in 2017 after he threatened her after their divorce. He was also detained in 2016 after allegedly pointing a gun at a woman inside his house.

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