Crash Course in Romance: Recap and Review of K-drama Episode 12!

Hui-arrest Jae opens episode 12 of Crash Course in Romance. Sun-Jae is completely shocked to learn that he has been found. Who, though, ought to be present to hear everything? Su-hui, that’s right. Without feeling any guilt or having learned anything from the previous 11 episodes, she recognizes the family connection right away and informs the other mothers.

Although Seo-jin isn’t there to snoop, she gets the dreaded call concerning Hui-Jae when she is at the courthouse. The investigators question Hui-jae at the station and start probing him about the killings. Nevertheless, Seo-jin arrives and swears that she will protect her kid, who hasn’t yet spoken out. She first draws attention to the illegality of his arrest despite the fact that he is charged with murder. Seo-jin has a harsh expression on her face as she stares in disbelief at her kid.

Haeng-son returns home, but things are difficult between them as Chi-yeol says he no longer wants to converse. As a result, the two find it difficult to communicate with one another and are unsure of how to proceed. Ji Dong-hui calls, though, and has important news regarding Chi-photo yeol’s session the next day.

He has no time to message Haeng-seon, who is still nervously checking her phone since he is too busy at work. Although Dong-hui continues to act suspiciously, Chi-yeol is unsure of how to respond to Haeng-seon. This is only made worse when a mysterious man shows in and addresses Dong-hui as Seong-hyeon and remarks on how much weight he has dropped. Dong-hui dismisses it, saying he has the incorrect person, but there is undoubtedly some truth to this.

Hui-jae is not even allowed to speak in the police station, and Seo-jin instead informs her son that they would attempt to plead insanity. That also means that until she resolves this, he must remain silent and refrain from speaking at all. Sun-Jae is asking questions at home, but his mother brushes them aside, advising him to focus on his examinations instead since if he thinks about Hui-jae too much, he’ll “ruin” his chances. “Remain focused. In fewer than 24 hours, the tests will begin. Seo-jin pulls her son into his room in spite of his pleas for her not to.

Geon-hu views this as an excellent opportunity to leave and go on an impromptu date with Hae-e in the wake of everything that has happened. She manages to skate very effectively on the ice, but her heart isn’t really in it. After that, when they take off their boots, Hae-e appears concerned and is about to check her phone when the scene abruptly ends.

Naturally reticent and preoccupied, Sun-jae finally requests to meet at the playground after nightfall since she is anxious. Sun-jae learns about the invitation and shows up. He holds her and begins sobbing without saying a word.

Dong-hui becomes engaged as the conflict between Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol continues. In actuality, while Chi-yeol is preoccupied, he deletes a message from Haeng-seon telling him that she misses his voice. Unsurprisingly, Chi-yeol misses the message and is unaffected, but Haeng-seon is irritated and has a bad night’s sleep.

Chi-yeol appears and silently accompanies Haeng-seon for the trek down to the market as she gets up early to go acquire groceries. Chi-yeol is shocked when Haeng-seon demonstrates her message, and he attributes his confusion to the machine and technology. The following day, they drive to Incheon to spend some time together in an effort to repair their relationship. This implies that Haeng-seon is also there to listen in on Chi-conversations yeol’s and to have a yacht ride.

Dong-hui unexpectedly swings the yacht and knocks her down, bruising Haeng-palm seon’s as Chi-yeol rushes off to find a blanket for her. Naturally, this was a calculated action that shows how unlikable this man really is.

Crash Course in Romance

Everyone is there to provide their best effort as the tests proceed. Su-a eventually spins out once more, straining to finish as the words fly off the page. She overhears Hae-e telling her friend that she is confident in her exam performance, which does not help. After the day’s events, Sun-jae visits the police station and gives Hui-jae some medication.

Seo-decision jin’s to keep her kid silent backfires when the investigators see that it appears as though she is defending him as if he has already committed a crime. Even worse, she hasn’t even investigated to see if it’s accurate and is more concerned with Sun-jae finishing and passing his examinations. Of course, passing them without revealing the solutions to Hae-e or anyone else.

Sun-jae resolves to entirely disregard her mother and gives Hae-e the papers that same evening. He considers giving her the gift he bought for her as well, but ultimately decides against it. The problem is that these test papers aren’t merely dummy questions; rather, they are the real exam, which Seo-jin conducted dishonestly earlier in the episode to obtain. Hae-e and Sun-jae exchange glances and both appear astonished as they begin to respond to the questions.

Yeong-ju, meantime, begins to view Jae-woo romantically and decides the two of them ought to go out for drinks. On the other hand, when she advises that they date and get engaged. Jae-woo describes her as filthy and claims that he considers her family.

Chi-yeol decides Haeng-seon should stay with him when she returns home after having her hand bandaged. She leans in and starts kissing him inside the house, and they end up in bed together.

Hui-jae finds herself in court the following day for the important Witness hearing as the police attempt to determine whether to obtain an arrest warrant and keep Hui-jae detained. He interrupts his mother in court and claims that he didn’t kill I-sang but that he witnessed exactly what happened and who was responsible. I’m an eyewitness. he claims.

We cut to the murderer as those words resound throughout the narrative. He is clothed entirely in black and is carrying a package containing metal balls. He gets into his car and drives over to Haeng-store, son’s where he stops, and he gets ready to shoot her in the back of the head.

The Episode Review

What a weird occurrence. I have stated that the tone of this show has been spot on as it alternates from heavier drama and more levity romance and comedy. Yet in this case, it’s oddly uneven and out of balance. The interactions with Dong-hui disrupt the charming romance between our two main characters, and the deleted text scene is completely unnecessary other from providing yet another indication that he isn’t really all that nice.

Crash Course in Romance

I’m speculating that he was severely bullied at school when he was this Seong-hyeon kid. Chi-yeol provided him with comfort, and as a result, he began to worship him. He also lost a lot of weight in an effort to resemble the Trillion Won Man, developing an unhealthy attachment in the process. He might still be harboring unresolved anger and depression that have previously manifested as harming animals (thus the stray cat), and he has now shifted his attention to anyone who threatens Chi-yeol. There might also be a love component, but I don’t believe the writers will go that far.

The odd moments with Jae-woo and Yeong-ju follow, whose love overtones are, to be honest, wholly unexpected. Although I get that Yeong-ju is lonely, the fact that she has feelings for Jae-woo seemingly out of the blue and that Jae-woo then explains (quite accurately too) how strange this is and how they are like family is received with shocked laughter simply makes her appear a little immature.

The ball-bearing case holds my interest, and this is undoubtedly the chapter’s main topic. However, the conclusion pretty well reveals that Hui-Jae is not to blame, for his speaking out against his mother, which also serves to complete his character journey. Despite these criticisms, Crash Course in Romance is still a lot of fun to see, and the double bill for the next week promises to be quite the treat.

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