Episode 5 Recap and Review: Season 2 of Taxi Driver!

A few men are shown chasing after a little girl who has escaped what appears to be an abduction incident in the opening scene of Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 5. The two guys who reported the girl missing are beaten back by the girl.

Do-gi discovers Ha-joon while he is on the roof of his home. The new hire had relocated to the same complex of apartments as Do-gi. Ha-joon returns to Rainbow Deluxe Taxi after saying that he will return the boxes he borrowed from his place of employment. He is astonished when he unintentionally stumbles onto the hidden basement there. The following morning, after Ha-joon learned about the hidden door, Kyung-goo and Jin-eon successfully blocked it.

Sung-cheol is informed by Do-gi that the materials were successfully transported from their headquarters to another site. Do-gi responds that he’ll give it some thought when Sung-cheol asks whether he’d like to relocate into their old headquarters.

Go-eun discovers someone taking pictures of her while she is at work. Ha-joon diverts her attention, and the photographer’s automobile pulls away. Go-eun invites the new employee to go along when he inquires about the hidden basement. Do-gi and Ha-joon accompany Go-eun as she searches for a home. Ha-joon ends up speaking with the agent while looking at the apartment, and Do-gi muses whether Go-eun would be interested in moving into the former headquarters, which is now vacant.

On their way home, Go-eun queries Ha-knowledge joon’s of the home buying process. Even though the young man hints that he relocated before he was a teenager, he claims to have left home when he was quite small. The unpleasant stillness is broken by Go-request eun’s to switch places with Do-neighbor gi’s Ha-joon.

Do-gi is the driver while the two fight inside the taxi. When the young girl from the beginning of the episode tries to cross the street, the cab abruptly stops. Go-eun rushes outside to check on Do-gi after she gets startled, but the tiny child flees. Do-gi discovers her hiding place and apologises for frightening the girl.

Hwang Seo-yeon, the girl, claims she wishes to visit So-mang. She is driven to Rainbow Deluxe Taxi by Do-gi. The group is debating how to return the young child to her caretakers there. In order to reassure Seo-yeon, Sung-cheol asks for the contact information of her family members.

Go-eun delivers Seo-yeon some food as Jin-eon and Kyung-goo make a scene trying to get her to smile. When Seo-yeon hears a bell ring from the door opening, she becomes alarmed, and the group becomes more alarmed. Do-gi adds that she had lost her younger sister, So-mang, during their conversation about Seo-yeon outside with Sung-cheol.

Taxi Driver – Season 2

Seo-fear yeon’s of the police is another thing he emphasises. When Sung-cheol walks outside to check on Seo-yeon, she hides out of fear under a desk. She admits that even though she wishes to see So-mang, her parents are unaware that she even has a sister. Moreover, Seo-yeon expresses her fear of Uncle.

When Do-gi walks outside to check on Seo-yeon, he overhears her mother discussing the disappearance of the young girl with two guys. Do-gi requests a picture of Seo-side yeon’s profile from Go-eun. They do not identify the youngster when he gives them the photo of the woman he claims to be Seo-mother yeon’s and father.

Do-gi believes that Seo-yeon was abducted and that the pair was compelled to file a missing person’s report by posing as Seo-parents. yeon’s Do-gi, who is trailing the two men, makes it to Mr. Kang Pil-talk seung’s for newlyweds after following them. Police are misled by Sung-cheol, who claims that the youngster is not Seo-yeon but rather another child who has been safely reunited with her parents.

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While they are debating what to do next in the investigation, Mr. Oh, the taxi driver who had been watching the child, phones to let Sung-cheol know that Seo-yeon has vanished once more. Everyone is gazing about, but Do-gi returns to the previous covert HQ. Seo-yeon is discovered by him in the revenge taxi, where she requests Do-gi for assistance in locating her younger sister.

Without knowing anything about the history of the retaliation, Do-gi starts the taxi and jumps into a new case. Go-eun looks up the consultant while Do-gi returns to Pil-workplace, seung’s Feel Consulting. She discovers that he is a well-known real estate agent and informs Do-gi that the man is extremely wealthy.

Attending the discussion, Do-gi notices that the consultant had a good reputation but also how arrogant he was and how much he detested commoners. Do-gi discovers that only married couples who had the golden ticket were permitted entry to these extremely private conversations.

Taxi Driver – Season 2 Episode 5

Do-gi returns, and Go-eun informs him that Seo-yeon was adopted. They then establish contact with Kang Pil-seung. One of Do-publications gi’s contains a photo of Seo-young, So-mang, and Pil-seung. Do-gi claims that the two couples adopted the girls in order to successfully rent out an apartment in the city. Go-eun is shocked when Do-gi proposes marriage to her.

As Go-eun and Do-gi prepare ready for the mission, Ha-joon and Sung-cheol are attempting to win over Seo-yeon. In order to discuss the special chat with Pil-guys, seung’s the two pose as a couple. They are granted access to the discussion and take part in the VIP event. Pil-seung begins the presentation by explaining to the audience how the properties were sold for millions of dollars, making it impossible for young couples to purchase them on the basis of their meagre salaries.

Only wealthy children, according to Pil-seung, can afford such apartments. As there is silence across the room, Pil-seung declares that in his private consultation, he will share the key to buying apartments. Do-gi and Go-eun wait in line to speak with Pil-seung one-on-one before taking their turn.

Seo-yeon is taken to an amusement park by Sung-cheol, who is able to make the child smile while having fun. In the meantime, Do-gi questions Pil-seung about his picture with Seo-yeon and So-mang during their private session with Go-eun and Do-gi. Pil-seung is suspicious of the pair and asserts that they might have purchased a home on their own without his assistance.

Go-eun and Do-gi are discouraged as they leave the office, but the cabbie has a plan. Feel Consulting’s power is successfully turned off by Go-eun, allowing Do-gi to enter the company. While Go-eun examines the other application forms, Do-gi allows him access to the software there. He discovers that Pil-seung was seeking extremely low-income couples who had opted to submit a new application.

He activates the fire alarm and burns the most current application forms that hadn’t yet been submitted to the server. Pil-seung is unhappy that the new application forms were spoiled the following morning. Upon discussing Seo-situation, yeon’s the taxi driver team discovers that she and numerous other children were truly abducted.

Do-gi and Go-eun say they lost a lot of money after investing in cryptocurrency during their next meeting with Pil-seung. Pil-seung becomes intrigued by their applicability as a result of this. The pair admits to Pil-seung that they are in a frantic search for housing. They also say that they would do anything without being asked.

Pil-seung appears content with the reply. Pil-seung calls Do-gi and Go-eun as they are returning home and informs them that he will be at their home for an inspection. Kyung-goo and Jin-eon hastily transform Sung-home cheol’s into a welcoming space for the newlyweds.

The couple allegedly paid to stay at the shared house, according to Do-gi. One of Pil-men seung’s spots Seo-yeon outside the home, but she flees and hides at the taxi depot. Sung-cheol, Kyung-goo, and Jin-eon come just in time to send him away as he is ready to catch her.

In the meantime, Do-gi and Go-flat eun’s is beautifully furnished for them as newlyweds. As the story comes to a close, Pil-seung discovers their deception and queries whether Do-gi and Go-eun were actually married.

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The Episode Review

In light of the persons pursuing Do-gi and the rest of the Taxi Driver cast, I am concerned for their safety. Ha-joon appears to be related to the case quite soon, though. He claims to have left home before he was 16, which suggests that he, too, may have experienced comparable circumstances to Seo- Yeon’s.

Although though Kyung-goo and Jin-antics eons are funny, it appears that Do-gi and Go-eun are having problems because of them this time. To ensure that the couples receive housing loans with reduced interest rates, Pil-seung is undoubtedly doing something like making the couples adopt children.

Seeing the crew manage such a delicate issue will be interesting. It’s conceivable that Ha-joon will play a significant role in this inquiry and assist the team, making this his formal introduction to the Rainbow Deluxe Taxi’s “Revenge Crew” and making him a member.


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