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Season 2 of The Forbidden Marriage Been Ordered? We Know the Following:

Has The Forbidden Marriage

The newest historical K-drama, The Forbidden Marriage, combines comedy and melodrama to create an amusing and engaging story. Additionally, people would naturally want the K-drama to include all 100+ chapters since it is based on a webtoon.

You might be wondering whether this has been renewed or canceled after watching all of season 1. What we do know is this:

What is The Forbidden Marriage about?

King Lee Heon, who is mourning the loss of his wife, declares a ban on marriage. So-rang, a brazen and vocal con artist who has a shadowy past and indicates that she is not who she claims to be, enters the scene. In order for the King to receive satisfaction, release her, and lift the marriage prohibition, she pretends to be possessed by the King’s wife.

Since it’s a romantic comedy, the two begin to develop feelings for one another. And since a K-drama would not be complete without a love triangle, we have Shin-won, the King’s closest friend, who is unable to escape the impression that he has witnessed one. So somewhere rang. Lady Seo and the evil Minister Cho plot to take over the kingdom in the meantime. The Forbidden Marriage is the subject of in-depth coverage on our website, including episode recaps for each episode.

Has The Forbidden Marriage been renewed for season 2?

The Forbidden Marriage has not yet received a second season order as of this writing.

As evidenced by the one-season miracles The Red Sleeve and Big Mouth that will air on its network, MBC in 2022, some very well-liked K-dramas. However, despite their widespread appeal, cable network K-dramas typically don’t get a second season.

The renowned 2016 drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, which is getting a spin-off 7 years later, is one of the outliers. However, it currently appears improbable that The Forbidden Marriage will receive a season 2 renewal.

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What we know about season 2 so far:

If a season 2 is released, it might continue the webtoon it is based on. If the writers decide to develop a new narrative based on season 1, it can also depart from the original material.

Given that we only caught a peek of Hwa-Yoon and Shin-won as the power couple they would become in the season 1 finale, we would want to see more of them. Or, if the end credits are to be believed, perhaps a second season will focus on the lives of the offspring of our favorite couples.

If anything changes, we’ll update this page immediately. Do you anticipate a second season of The Forbidden Marriage? How did you find the program? Please share your opinions in the section below.


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