How About a Season 2 of Behind Every Star? This Is What We Do Know:

The popular French series Call My Agent! was adapted into a Korean drama that tvN and Netflix released towards the end of the year. If Behind Every Star has been renewed after 12 episodes with an average of 3.139% in the national ratings, you might be asking. What we do know is this:

What is Behind Every Star about?

Manager Hyun-Joo is having trouble fitting in after becoming the newest employee of an entertainment agency. Managers at Method Entertainment, a significant management firm, strive to strike a balance between their personal and professional life.

These managers/agents juggle between managing their own private romantic lives as well as all the actors they manage while also coming up with novel strategies to salvage their agency, which is in ruins. Senior manager Ma Tae-oh is vying to take over as the agency’s new director while a secret from his past threatens to split his family apart.

Manager After 14 years of managing, Jane is now in charge of the other managers and strives to strike a balance between her new romantic interest and her job. As a manager and leader of the Managers, Jung-don contrasts sharply with Jane, his best friend, and fellow employee. Hyun-Joo is an inexperienced manager who frequently disrupts operations.

Behind Every Star has been extensively covered on our website, and each episode’s recap is available. You can look at those HERE.

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 Has Behind Every Star been renewed for Season 2?

After just watching the first season of the K-drama Behind Every Star on tvN and Netflix, fans are now formulating their own thoughts about how the show ended. Despite there being no official word from the producers, Behind Every Star must be returning for a Season 2 based on how episode 12 ends, right?

The show hasn’t officially received a second-season renewal yet. However, Behind Every Star’s season finale provides viewers something to look forward to in Season 2 when it is eventually revived.

There hasn’t been an official announcement from Netflix on the show as of yet, but there is a chance that the K-drama may be revived for a second season, which could air in 2023.

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What we know about Behind Every Star Season 2 so far:

Almost nothing is known about Season 2 at the time this article is being written. Fans have many unanswered questions, though, if they extrapolate from how episode 12 of Behind Every Star concludes. Jane becoming pregnant was the cliffhanger that brought the episode to a close. There are many hypotheses concerning Hae-jun being the real father of Jane’s child instead of the obvious choice, Sang-UK, because we do not know who the child’s father is. The future of Ma Tae-oh as the agency’s director also has a lot of unfinished business.

If Jung-don has a love relationship in the upcoming season, we must also take it into account. When compared to its international counterparts, the show has a lot of promise for not just a second season, but for many more to come. Naturally, Netflix and tvN will soon provide more information on the show, but we’ll make sure to update this page as more details are available. Do you appreciate that Behind Every Star will have a second season? How did you find the program? Please share your opinions in the section below.

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