Review of Episode 2 of the Korean Drama “Crash Course in Romance”

Chi-year begins Crash Course in Romance episode 2 by indulging in some of Haeng-mouthwatering son’s side dishes. He examines the bag to determine its provenance.

Speaking of the past, flashbacks show us Hae-e being abandoned and Haeng-Seon and her mother being obliged to take her in. They are forced to take care of Hae-e going forward as a car crashes outside, likely signalling the death of Hae-mother. e’s

It’s challenging, but Haeng-seon gives it to her best go while juggling the demands of caring for Hae-e, bringing her up from daycare, and playing handball at the national level. Early on, Hae-e chooses to refer to Haeng-Seon as her mother rather than her aunt because of their special relationship.

As time goes on, this keeps happening, and when we cut back to the present, we can see that Haeng-Seon still maintains her physical prowess. She is actually outside practising her skipping while considering what to do with Hae-e. She’s unsure what to do because she wants to take Chi-academy yeol’s courses. Kim Young-joo, one of her friends, is eager to point out that Hae-e is the reason she stopped competing in sports. Haeng-Seon chooses to commit fully to this academy contract for the time being, nevertheless.

Chi-yeol returns to work with fresh vigour, eager to put this unpleasant student scenario behind him and fueled by the food he consumed the previous evening. The entrance discussion show, which starts at 6 o’clock, is the first stop. Additionally, he casually suggests to Dong-hee that she pick up more side dishes.

Crash Course in Romanc

There is a dilemma when Dong-hee and Chi-yeol arrive at the side-dish shop. Chi0yeol rushes back into the vehicle as soon as he sees Haeng-seon. Even though he first said that he would never return, other take-out meals just aren’t as appealing.

Haeng-seon gets an early start, though, because she is eager to enrol Hae-e in lessons alongside Chi-yeol at The Pride Academy.

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Now, part of this entails rising very early and standing in line to obtain a highly sought-after ticket for that class. Naturally, before she arrives, all the mothers rush to get in front of the line. The problem is that despite her early arrival, she still has a long wait because there are numerous individuals in front of Haeng-seon.

The final slip of paper is given to Haeng-seon, who just makes it in time, as the papers are distributed. It’s extremely lucky, and Haeng-prayers seon’s to the gods are mostly responsible for it.

When Haeng-seon comes back, she criticises the phone thief and then remarks on how fortunate she was to have Hae-e as a student. She is unaware that Chi-yeol is at the store choosing out side dishes while hiding his identity and acting casually. He eats it in the car while marvelling at the vibrant flavours and signs it Dong-hee.

He overhears something else about the phone, too, and decides to deliver a brand-new smartphone for her as well. Unaware that the person in front of him is a phone thief, Haengseon is startled. Haeng-seon wonders if she should date after all because she is certain that this has love ramifications.

Chi-yeol has already been contacted about the event in a bookstore. specifically, the one involving the student who has been the subject of his eerie flashes. This incident caused a student to pass away, tearing her family apart in the process.

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Because of this, Chi-yeol is frequently thought of negatively, which may have something to do with her asking for his phone number. What actually happened is currently very vague and ambiguous, but I’m confident that as the season progresses, more information will become available.

Jae-woo, in the meantime, recognises Chi-yeol from a bus shelter billboard but is confused as to where he first saw him. When Haeng-soon hears from her brother, she brushes it off, but it’s only a matter of time before she finds out.

As Hae-e starts at Pride Academy, her birthday comes around. After getting situated, Su-a gives Hae-e the silent treatment. Since she had previously consented to take an exam with Hae-e in her place, she has felt that Hae-e is conceited.

Jae-woo quickly recognises Chi-yeol as the phone thief standing in front of Haeng-seon when he returns to the store. He takes off his glasses, and she immediately knows who he is.

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Someone fires a BB gun at the store window, smashing it as they all start fighting. Everyone rushes to their knees and cowers in terror. Now, this offender hit Chi-stalker yeol earlier in the show while acting in the same way. Who might that be?


In this second instalment of Crash Course in Romance, a number of surprising findings are made. Now that Haeng-seon is aware of Chi-identity, yeol is also aware of her connections to the side dishes that Haeng-seon has always cherished.

Now that it’s obvious that someone, or at least those that are against Chi-yeol, is out there, it will be interesting to see how that plays out in the future.

There isn’t a lot of romance, but there is a lot of slice-of-life drama and a little bit more humour. There are many positive aspects to this, and the latter is in part what makes this series work so well. The double bill next week could feature a really intriguing turn of events, and nobody can predict what will happen next.


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