Season 3 Episode 8 of The Upshaws: A Recap and Review!

The Upshaws send Regina out to get a degree in Season 3 Episode 8 of The Upshaws. The family is making a lot of effort to assist Regina, but she doesn’t seem particularly happy about it. She also offers justifications for staying home, but her family pressures her to go.

Bennie pretends to be working but is actually having fun, so Lucretia pays Bennie’s Garage a surprise visit along with Frank. Frank and Bennie enjoy themselves while making jokes. After that, Tasha and Noah show up and take up Kelvin in spite of Kelvin’s protests. Lucretia departs with Frank after admonishing Bennie not to visit the casino while she is gone.

Despite Lucretia’s warning, Bennie and the garage boys enter the casino. Regina chose the casino over the University of Indiana, and Bennie meets her there. She conjures up illogical explanations when Bennie presses her to give a reason why she didn’t go to college. Regina also tells Bennie she doesn’t want to go to graduate school and departs.

When Bernard Jr. runs with Hector, his ex-boyfriend, they are both boxing in the gym. Bernard expresses regret for making him feel inadequate and admits that he did so as a result of his own problems. Bernard gives him the reassurance that he has embraced himself and wants them to give it another shot. Then he extends a drink invitation to Bernard.

The Upshaws

Frank and Lucretia are taking the children out. Afterward, Bennie and Regina head back home. Bennie lets Lucretia know Regina won’t be going to college. Lucretia questions Regina, but she won’t give a proper answer.

Regina arrives for work at the clinic. In order to accompany Bennie to the clinic, Lucretia poses as being hurt. Inquiries about Regina’s health are made by Bennie and Lucretia to the physician. According to the doctor, she might be despondent, which could have caused the heart attack. Bennie rejects the hypothesis since he doesn’t think there are mental health problems. After that, Lucretia gives the doctor the directive to keep Regina’s true purpose a secret.

Bennie plans a trivia contest with a twist at home with the help of the entire Upshaw family in an effort to make Regina happy. At first, it seems to be working, but when they ask Regina why she isn’t attending college, she shuts them down and retreats to her room.

The Upshaws

To allow Bennie and Regina to have a private conversation, Lucretia and Frank take the kids away. When they are out, Lucretia decides to call it quits with Frank and stays behind to be there for Regina.

Regina is confronted by Bennie about her refusal to go to college at her house. After first declining to speak, Regina eventually admits that she has been feeling quite depressed and is unsure of why. In spite of her warnings that he can’t, Bennie doesn’t seem to grasp the delicate nature of the situation and struggles to accept it. The debate intensifies into a battle, and Regina gets the impression that she is not being understood. The conversation is interrupted in the middle as Lucretia arrives home with the kids.

Hector and Bernard go out for drinks. On the other side, Hector is seen acting on stage. Hector is ultimately supported by Bernard, and as a result, he is allegedly won over by his gesture.

When Bennie awakens in the morning, Regina seems to have vanished the previous evening. Bennie is unhappy when Lucretia enters the home and lets him know that Regina is staying there. When Tasha unexpectedly arrives with Kelvin, she tells Bennie that Kelvin wants to stay at his place.

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This episode fairly balances the two viewpoints it gives. Bennie and Regina both have good reasons for feeling the way they do, despite the fact that they both appear to have had their feelings injured.

In contrast to Regina, who is deeply depressed and unable to communicate her feelings, Bennie is portrayed as a man who is unfamiliar with mental health concerns and wants to help Regina. It’s impressive how the individuals and their circumstances are presented so that you can sympathize with both sides.

The issue with Bernard and Hector is without a doubt the least intriguing storyline. Hector seems to be unreasonable since when Bernard was having trouble with some things, Hector just left him and made out with another man in Bernard’s presence. Sadly, the show defends this by showing Bernard as being at fault in this situation, which is frustrating given how evenly the show presents many points of view overall.

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Bennie and Regina’s problems remain unanswered as the program comes to a close. It’s also heartwarming that Lucretia decides to break off her romance with Frank and stay behind for her sister. Things become even more complicated when Tasha invites Kelvin to stay at Bennie’s house. It will be intriguing to see how the story unfolds if the program is renewed for another season.


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