Taxi Driver: Recap and Review of Episode 13 of Season 2 of the Korean Drama!

Sung Cheol opens episode 13 of Taxi Driver Season 2 by reminiscing the occasion when he hired Ha-Joon to work as a taxi driver at Rainbow Taxi. Sung-cheol had then shown sympathy for Ha-joon’s difficult upbringing. He checks through Ha-joon’s taxi files to find the toll booth that the prior driver frequently used.

As they travel in opposing directions not far from Ha-joon’s residence, where he frequently took a cab, Sung-Cheol almost collides with him. The group discovers that the actual proprietors of Black Sun were all members of the same team of police officers. The team is also informed by Go-Eun that the police station where these officers worked had phony cameras placed and that a lot of strange things occurred there in relation to cases involving the nightclub.

Do-gi decides that locating the recording device gathered by Detective Choi is the only option to proceed. He is summoned to work to find Do-gi’s Black Sun coworkers being beaten up for allowing the intoxicated woman to get to the hospital and into the custody of the police. Do-gi pursues Jong-Seon into the hidden basement, where she discovers an archive of all the information pertaining to the Black Sun’s unlawful enterprises.

Jong-Seon returns to the room, and Do-gi gets to leave just in time. Additionally, Do-gi aids Go-Eun in gaining access to the nightclub’s database. Go-Eun learns the database is made up of CCTV footage of drunken women entering and exiting private hotel rooms. CCTV images of Detective Choi from the night of his death show him drunk as well. Do-gi receives a call from Windy at that very moment, asking to meet with him.

Taxi Driver

Windy wants Do-gi to assist her at the golf club by attempting to persuade Victor to pardon her. Windy informs Do-gi that Victor was really irate since he had scheduled to spend the night with the female who was brought to the hospital as the VIP customer. She also requests that Do-gi calm Victor. Victor is won over by Do-gi later that evening at the club.

Victor is given the option of choosing which of the women Windy will spend the night with. Windy objects, but Victor asks Do-gi to be the deliveryman in charge of the order. Do-gi agrees to deliver the package and follows the security personnel as they lead the inebriated woman out of Black Sun. In order to make it appear as though the woman had left the nightclub on her own, the security guard had her stroll past the CCTV camera by herself.

The guards take her to the opulent hotel where Victor is waiting for her after the CCTV shows her leaving the club by herself. Before bringing the woman to Victor’s room at the hotel, the guards force her to go through the CCTV footage on her own. The guards ask Do-gi to summon Victor to the room as the idol makes jokes on chat about how he enjoys sleeping with drunk and unconscious ladies.

Do-gi manages to return to the room where they left the girl by telling the guards he had to use the restroom. Do-gi knocks Victor out just in time for Go-Eun to come and save the girl before he could grab her. In costume, Kyung-goo and Jin-eon play the hotel page boys who pull Victor out of the room and into a laundry bag.

Taxi Driver

Sung-cheol is looking up at the orphanage where Ha-joon spent his childhood while seeking to learn more about Ha-joon’s past. Do-gi tortures Victor for deceiving drunk and defenseless ladies. Ha-Joon instructs the woman to bring in 100kg of pills while he is in a meeting with CEO Yang at the same time.

Ha-joon’s unexpected request astounds CEO Yang, but he receives a call from Hyun-jo. Ha-Joon is tasked with ensuring that the senior police officer succeeds him as commissioner. Ha-Joon states that after the call finished, he had altered his mind and desired that CEO Yang send in 200kg of pills. No matter how great the risk, Ha-Joon asserts that he is convinced he can handle the treatment.

Victor is one of the major owners of Black Sun, and Go-Eun learns this after looking through his phone. She also learns that the idol connects his buddies with additional roofied women who are often assaulted. Do-gi asserts that because the hierarchy underlies how the club functions, using it to prevent women from being raped would be the most effective method to dismantle it.

When Windy receives a call from Victor that evening with a special request, she is in the middle of doping a girl’s drink for one of the VIPs. As soon as members of an experienced hiking group enter Black Sun, chaos ensues. Jong-seon is unable to halt any of the elderly men and ladies who have all acquired VIP passes as Sung-Cheol leads them inside Black Sun. There is commotion in the club since it is packed with elderly men and ladies.

As soon as Kyun-goo takes control of the DJ booth and begins playing trot music, all of the young people leave the club. Moon-Hyun is informed by Jong-seon that these senior citizens had taken control of the club after buying Windy’s VIP card. Moon-Hyun requests that the club close for the evening. Although Windy claims Victor had asked her for the passes, he is still upset with her.

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Go-eun informs the squad that the Black Sun guards are keeping the CCTV footage on hand to protect the VIP men from legal repercussions when they return to the Rainbow Taxi headquarters. She asserts that the CCTV evidence revealed the women freely entering the VIPs’ hotel rooms, which rendered it impossible to report the males who had sexually attacked the women.

Both Go-Eun and the other members of Rainbow Taxi are furious. Ha-Joon is watching the news the following day when it reports that Inspector Hyun-jo’s team had busted 200+ kg of drugs following a sting operation. CEO Yang was shocked to learn that Ha-Joon had planned this in order to enhance Hyun-jo’s reputation and secure his appointment as commissioner.

CEO Yang is still furious that the police seized such a large quantity of drugs, but Ha-Joon swears to put things right. When Do-gi starts her shift at Black Sun, she sees that the VIP room is being cleaned after Ha-Joon severely beat the security guards inside to appease CEO Yang and her friends. There, he discovers the two police officers who had detained him.

Taxi Driver

The guards’ careful destruction of all the evidence is being handled by the police. Go-Eun learns that Jeongsam Police Station was intimately connected with the illicit activities at the club after Do-gi requests that she dig up the police station that handled all of the cases from Black Sun. Later that evening, Moon-Hyun invites Do-gi over for a drink and inquires about Victor.

Victor allegedly went MIA for some time, according to Do-gi. After three drinks, the medicines start to take effect, and Do-gi starts to lose consciousness. Do-gi is attacked by Moon-Hyun, who then requests Jong-Seon to get rid of him. Do-gi is dragged from the nightclub by the security officers after being forced to go by the CCTV camera till he passes out.

Moon-Hyun requests that Do-gi be dropped off at the main intersection so that he can be hit by a passing vehicle and suffer a fatal injury. However, Go-Eun arrives just in time and manages to stop Do-gi from being struck by a passing truck while Kyung-goo drives the van to the scene. When Jong-seon tries to run them both over at that precise moment, Kyung-goo is able to stop the Black Sun van and save Do-gi and Go-Eun from being struck.

Go-Eun tries to wake Do-gi awake, but he is unconscious. The following day, Do-gi awakens in a hospital bed with no memory of his previous experiences. Following their mishap, Jin-eon and Kyun-goo both received some injuries, putting them both in the hospital. As the episode comes to a close, Do-gi reveals to Go-Eun that he was able to locate the pen that Reporter Young-min had given to Detective Choi before he lost his memory.

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The Episode Review

The most difficult episode to watch was this one. Do-gi’s behavior turned completely around from witnessing him strive to outdo the Black Sun personnel to having him drugged and abandoned in the middle of the street to perish. I’m curious as to what transpired to cause Moon-Hyun to drug Do-gi; I’m confident that more will be revealed in the upcoming episode.

The Rainbow Taxi act, though, was allowing the old to enter the club and ruin the atmosphere, forcing the adolescents to depart Black Sun.

The latter three episodes will undoubtedly go into much more detail on Ha-joon’s past and how the Bishop runs this club. I am hopeful that his character is rehabilitated in the episodes to come after seeing how he showed empathy for the young orphan girl in the first few episodes. At the moment, he appears to be pure evil, and I can’t wait for Do-gi and the gang to beat him up.

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