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The Fabulous Season 1 Review: The Story Is Nothing Special but The Acting Is Good!

The Fabulous Season 1

The fashion industry has served as the setting for countless Korean TV series, but this moment is unlike any other. Since K-pop and K-dramas are now widely watched around the world, many Korean celebrities are on the verge of becoming well-known figures.

These South Korean superstars have grown in popularity and are now connected to well-known global companies. This demonstrates that, like it is throughout the world, fashion is at an all-time high in South Korea.

The Fabulous on Netflix makes an effort to tell a tale of friendship and love between those who work in the fashion industry. Ji-Eun, a PR agent who works for the fashion company Audrey, is the protagonist of the eight-episode series. She is seeing Nam-jin, the CEO of the Rublani fashion company.

Seon-ho, the most prominent model in South Korea, and Joseph, a rising star designer, are among Ji-well-known eun’s acquaintances. Ji-eun dated Woo-min, a fashion photographer who is good friends with Seon-ho, three years ago.

The four friends went through a lot of things together, and Ji-abrupt eun’s split from Woo-min caused the group to fall apart until the friends persuaded the couple to reconcile. Now that Ji-life eun’s appears to be stabilized, she is making progress toward her objectives. All of that abruptly changes when Nam-jin breaks up with her, causing her to mistakenly hook up with Woo-min while intoxicated and resurfacing her old sentiments from three years before.

The plot of the show is straightforward, but it’s incredibly interesting that the creators chose to tell it from the viewpoint of the fashion industry. Ji-Eun leads a life that is ideal, perhaps too ideal for her own good. It would have been good to see more development and progress in her character. Someone was always there to save the day for her whenever she encountered problems at work, demonstrating how model-perfect her career ended up being.

The abrupt transition between the memories and the flashforwards feels repetitious and out of place. Sadly, the roles of Joseph and Seon-ho were not as significant to the larger plot, but their individual character journeys ended up working out pretty well. That does not, however, justify some of the too-serious story flaws that exist here. The photo journal kept by Woo-min is one of them. How did Woo-min discover it laying in his room the following day when Do-young had handed it to Ji-eun?

Furthermore, Ji-broken sun’s pearl necklace was utilized by a model for a photo shoot, as shown in Episode 2. How come the necklace didn’t appear broken on the model while she was wearing it, but when Woo-min gave it to Ji-Eun, it looked broken precisely as it had been from the start? These types of difficulties compound into much bigger ones that cannot be ignored.

Do-persona young’s also looks useless. In the beginning, he was a welcome addition to the story, but keeping him around until the very end and giving him a romantic angle with Chae-young made no sense. I wish the filmmakers had concentrated on Joseph and the stranger he fell for rather than spending so much time on Do-young.

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The only thing about which there are no reservations is the soundtrack to The Fabulous. Oh My Girl’s Seunghee’s “My Finale,” one of the OST songs, was the only one to really fit the narrative effectively. Another song that blends in well with the tone of the story is AB6IX’s “Life is lovely.” It is unfortunate that the creators of the program did not force Minho of SHINee to take part in The Fabulous’s OST given that he is a member of the cast.

As Ji-eun, Chae Soo-bin looked fantastic, and the clothes she wore on the show definitely gave off a high-fashion sense. The program The Fabulous Season 1me is a short watch for romance aficionados, but those looking for real drama from the fashion industry that delves into the details of the business will just find it to be another generic romantic K-drama.

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