Unprisoned: Recap and Review of Season 1 Episode 2!

Unprisoned’s second episode opens with Paige, the show’s main character, broadcasting live while announcing her impending move. She then talks about attachment styles by projecting the topic onto her father and herself.

Moving to a new house is Paige, her father, and her son. Her foster sister Etsy then walks in and gets Paige excited. Paige is asked by Etsy to knock down a wall, but she declines. Bill then sends Paige a bunch of flowers.

As Edwin asks Paige why he didn’t attend in person, Paige begins to offer explanations for her messy, nearly divorced boyfriend’s behavior. Her father attempts to convince her to understand the truth, but she won’t listen.

Finn accepts Edwin’s invitation to go get ice cream with him. Nevertheless, Edwin takes him to Nadine’s house instead of an ice cream shop so he may pick up his automobile. Finn is then asked to drive by Edwin.

Paige visits Bill’s residence. Then, after having sex, they attend a dance lesson. Edwin is instructing Finn on driving in the meantime. After that, Edwin visits his former eatery to hunt for a job. After showcasing his exceptional abilities, he is hired.

At the dance, when someone inquires about Bill and Paige’s impending nuptials, Bill responds that they are only dating, which infuriates Paige. Paige also learns that Bill’s wife is unaware of her existence. Later, Paige comes to understand that her father was entirely correct. Bill also promises her he’ll call her the next day when things get tough instead of speaking to her.

The next day, when Etsy visits the house, Paige informs her of her relationship with Bill. Bill and Paige seem to have a strong emotional bond. Etsy urges her to avoid becoming too involved. She is told by Paige that this is not how she operates.

Unprisoned – Season 1 Episode 2

To celebrate his new position, Edwin invites Paige and Finn to a dinner party. Paige is visibly distressed, and Edwin senses this and wants to know why. Edwin is informed by Paige of what transpired with Bill and informs her that Bill is unworthy of her. Then Paige adds insult to injury by leaving him a really embarrassing voicemail. After that, Bill ends their relationship.

Paige continues to discuss Bill at dinner and doesn’t seem to understand the logic. Edwin discovers from the interviewer that he cannot be hired because he is a felon when he uses the lavatory. As luck would have it, Finn hears them talking.

Edwin does not inform Paige about the job when he comes back to the table. Paige is the main b*tch, and Edwin reminds her that she deserves better than Bill. This time, Paige seems to get it, and she takes her father seriously. Edwin is then welcomed to stay with them for as long as he needs to, Paige says. Finn complies with Edwin’s request to drop him off at work the following morning that evening.

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The Episode Review

Finding a job is a key problem that convicts encounter once they have served their time in jail, as the episode makes clear. This episode does an excellent job of illustrating it while still managing to be entertaining and hilarious.

Unprisoned – Season 1 Episode 2

This program’s anti-Caucasian preconceptions seem to be its one area of weakness. If it had been a joke, I could have overlooked it, but Edwin keeps making insulting comments, which is disappointing.

Despite this, the episode is amusing and considering that Edwin was not hired, I can’t wait to see what happens next. Given that he asked Finn to drop him off at work, we can’t help but wonder where he’s heading if not there.

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