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Farzi Season 1 Review : Shahid Kapoor’s Ott Debut Is a Total Paisa Vasool Affair!

Farzi Season 1 Review

Farzi might be the program you’re looking for this weekend if you’re seeking a good crime thriller. This Indian series, which spans 8 episodes, achieves a lot of things right, although it does lose its footing towards the end with a couple of shaky episodes. However, the journey there is filled with tension and drama, excellent acting, and a few charming side-twists.

Farzi depicts an artist named Sunny who, after deciding to fabricate bank notes with his accomplice Firoz, is thrust into the shadowy realm of organized crime. Together, the two attempt to elude law enforcement, which is being led by a hysterical task force officer named Michael and his vivacious partner Megha, who will do anything to ferret out corruption. An intriguing and dangerous game of cat and mouse is set up when Mansoor Dalal, the biggest forger in India, begins to show interest in Sunny’s work, further complicating the situation.

Overall, the acting is quite strong, but Shahid Kapoor’s nuanced portrayal of Sunny steals the show. It’s fascinating to witness how his character develops throughout the series, as what starts out as a voyage with good intentions quickly turns deadly. The forced romance with a particular character we first meet early on—no spoilers—is the only complaint I have with this character development. And to be completely honest, it feels forced into the narrative, as if it were a box that needed to be checked.

The cat and mouse chase at the center of this series are heavily emphasized, but there are a few side plots that prevent it from really taking off. Megha’s personal life is briefly discussed before being abruptly ignored in favor of going back to the main narrative line, which causes Michael’s subplot concerning his family to significantly slow down the pace.

One revelation that occurs in the middle of the episode does a great job of highlighting Michael’s objectives and how they are related to his family life. However, the drama is then pointlessly prolonged by a planned divorce challenge and protracted court sequences.

The primary story, though, is entertaining to watch, with aspects of El Chapo and Catch Me If You Can mix into a straightforward but compelling yarn about a con man and his family. When the plot stays on track, it does a fantastic job of maintaining the tension, and a few of these episodes have some genuinely suspenseful passages.

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Unfortunately, the final two episodes largely erase this. In particular, the conclusion descends into the realm of a straightforward action thriller, which sort of betrays the true purpose of the story’s earlier chapters. Simply put, the teased cliffhanger, hinting at a potential second season, is the icing on the cake.

Farzi is a fun watch, despite a few hiccups. The acting is passable, the plot is understandable and full of action-packed set pieces, and the characters themselves are sympathetic and fully developed. There’s enough in the tank here to make for a thoroughly engaging series worth checking out, despite the plot taking a few dubious twists.

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