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Review of Episode 6 of the Korean Drama Trolley!


Trolley’s sixth season opens at the City Council, where the three panelists from the opposing parties have just finished debating the Digital Sex Crime Act. When the conversation turns to problematic children, Joong-do is compelled to hold his mouth and swallow his ego. Joong-do must, of course, put up with this till the conversation is ended given Ji-past. hoon’s

After that, Ki-young calls Joong-do and extends an invitation to visit Youngsan. Naturally, this happens at the same time that Hye-Joo arrives, but it turns out that everything is just a big mistake and not Seung-meddling hee’s as many of us may have assumed.

When Seung-hee questions her husband about Joong-connections do’s to Hye-Joo, he admits that everything is just a big coincidence. They go out to eat together, but the atmosphere is naturally strained and awkward. Speaking harshly about Hye-history job’s in front of Joong-do, Seung-hee even calls her Jae-run openly. She stares at Hye-Joo with daggers till she finally mentions how losing a loved one is the most terrible experience in life.

Seung-hee tells Joong-do she would appreciate a tour of the National Assembly after paying for the meal. She then leads Hye-Joo into the restroom and mentions how she and her husband have many traits because they have both committed a homicide. In order to exact her vengeance, Seung-hee instructs Hye-Joo that she must appear and profess her regret for Seung-passing. ho’s She is instructed to apologize to her mother while knelt down.

In flashbacks, Seung-hee, who had a demanding demeanor throughout, is seen attempting to match Hye-Joo up with her brother while they were both students. She continues by essentially admitting that she is acting selfishly. Even then, she was overshadowed by her mother Yoo-adoration shin’s for him and the fact that she helped him gain admission to SNU Law School. Following Seung-passing, Ho Seung-hee is certain that Hye-Joo framed Seung-ho in order to obtain the tuition money.

After her chat with Seung-hee, Hye-Joo is shaken and attempts to put on a strong face in the present. The four split off, with Joong-do stating Ki-young with absolute conviction that Hye-Joo is not welcome to participate in his political campaign and that he intends to keep it that way.

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Hye-Joo receives a message from Seung-hee on the way home instructing her to meet at their former residence at noon. When Ki-young learns what his wife is up to, he confronts her and asks whether she is absolutely certain that Hye-Joo is at fault. Seung-ho and Seung-hee had a chat in the past that led to Seung-conviction. hee’s

There, Seung-ho tells his side of the tale and asserts that Hye-Joo is the one who is framing him. He uses their relationship as a weapon by essentially gaslighting her into believing him. To make matters worse, Yoo-Shin also makes up the story that Hye-Joo set up Seung-ho and did it all because she wanted to attend university (guess lying runs in the family!).

Joong-do speaks with Soo-bin at home and inquires about her capacity for accountability. You are a talker. She answers. Joong-do is mute, but this little conversation seems to confirm that Ji-hoon did not cause her to become pregnant. I continue to maintain that it is Joong-do. Soo-bin is frantically scrubbing at the JB tattoo on her hip in her room.

Joong-do notices a lot of pamphlets outside and views the dashcam footage right once. The words “Joong-do is a murderer” are printed alongside a picture of Joong Do. Hye-Joo naturally believes it to be Seung-hee, but in truth, it’s Seung-father. kye’s

Yoo scheduled shin’s property viewing and Hye scheduled job’s apology conflict, thus Seung-hee is compelled to alter the appointment to 3.30 pm. Joong-do assigns Woo-Jae the responsibility of investigating the link Hye-Joo has with Seung-hee and the past while this is going on. He needs to know right now as a precaution. It’s quite difficult to tell, but it appears that he is acting in this capacity as a spouse rather than an Assemblyman.

As she approaches the women’s clinic, Soo-bin inquires about having an abortion. However, she then passes Yeo-Jin, who is on a separate floor. As they depart together, the news is able to obtain information about the pornographic video’s dissemination, and regrettably, our grandmother is overheard.

She calls Hye-Joo instead of Joong-do, and Hye-Joo quickly finds out that the videos have been removed. Sadly, she is unable to communicate with her grandmother who is in pain.

When it is 3.30 p.m., Hye-Joo decides to go to Seung-house. hee’s When she sees the Seung-ho shrine, she is urged to gather her emotions and stop crying. However, a loud noise from behind suggests a collision. The doorbell chimes repeatedly. Joong-do is there and he is visibly furious.

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The Episode Review

Now that the business is going to start up, it appears that Joong-do is fully aware of all the events that have place in the past outside the Children’s Home. Woo-conversation Jae with the nun earlier in the episode is what led me to believe that Seung-ho may have been an eyewitness to the assault. Joong-do has likely arrived to meet Seung-hee and demand an explanation for why she is tormenting his wife as a result of this. That is, at least, my theory.

There isn’t much going on with this either while the Soo-bin crisis as a whole continues to boil in the background. Seung-hee will likely try to use her as a negotiating chip to try and sabotage Joong-do and his bid to become the Assemblyman once more.

Though it’s surprising that a lot of people aren’t aware of this K-drama, this was another good episode. There is a pressure cooker situation going on here that appears destined to blow in the upcoming episodes, despite the show not actually drawing much in the way of viewers. Next week is already here!

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