Season 5 Episode 10 of The Rookie, “The List,” Recap and Review!

Chen and Bradford begin The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10 by getting ready for their date. Bradford calls Chen to ask about her dress because they are both having trouble finding the ideal one. What happened to their playful connection as they begin their meal?

Bradford agrees to Chen’s request to move cautiously in their relationship. He appears worried that a coworker will see them. They argue about their new relationship as it breaks out in the kitchen. Chen and Bradford are compelled to step in after one of the chefs slashes the owner’s hand with a knife.

Wesley tries to bring up having another child with Lopez the following morning. Lopez is undecided about whether she wants to give Jack a sibling. She admits that growing up with four brothers was difficult. Wesley wonders if they can reach a compromise and find common ground after explaining how lonely it was for him to grow up as an only child.

But Chen and Bradford are concerned about whether their presence in the restaurant was mentioned in the police report from the incident from last night. Bradford queries Chen on whether they should be honest, and Chen responds that they should. They ultimately decide to lie, although it appears that no one is catching them.

More so than anything else, Sergeant Wade and Nolan are worried about Thorsen’s friendship with Juarez. To urge Thorsen and Juarez to concentrate and eliminate distractions, Sergeant Wade instructs Chen and Bradford to speak with them about how close they are. Thorsen and Bradford do not enjoy talking about romantic topics, so Chen decides to ask Nolan to speak with Juarez on her behalf.

Juarez becomes hostile when Nolan tries to talk to her about who she may and cannot date. She sets a boundary between them and declines to say whether she is dating Thorsen. Thorsen and Bradford’s conversation doesn’t go well either. Given that Bradford was married to a police officer, Thorsen tells him that his inquiry is personal and that he has no business asking about it.

The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 10 “

He further emphasizes that no one should be concerned about them because he is not in the chain of command. Bradford is on Chen’s chain of command, therefore he can’t say the same, and one of them might have to transfer to another station. He abruptly terminates the conversation out of frustration.

Harper is relaxing somewhere on her day off. She goes to the bank with her husband James to talk about several possibilities for saving money for their kids’ college expenses. She observes Todd, a known bank robber, and alerts James that a heist is going to take place. She sends him outside after rapidly instructing him on how to best describe the two suspects to the police.

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James reluctantly consents and leaves the bank. Before the robbery begins, Nyla tells a bank employee to activate the quiet alarm. One of the bank customers decides to confront the criminals and use his weapon to conduct a citizen arrest. He wants to play the hero despite Nyla’s advice to the contrary.

As the gunfire intensifies, Nyla is compelled to use her own weapon. In the process, the hero and another innocent woman are shot. First on the scene are Thorsen and Bradford as Nyla works to halt the man’s bleeding. James provides the police with the suspects’ description.

In the midst of the chaos, the robbers attempt to flee while forcing the hostages outside and shooting at the police. To protect innocent citizens from being shot, the police are compelled to cease firing. Thorsen and Bradford pursue the fleeing suspects as they go after them on foot.

The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 10 “

One of the suspects drives off in their getaway vehicle. Nolan and Juarez chase him after picking up his trail. After nearly colliding with another automobile, they lose the suspect as he starts shooting at them. Thorsen and Bradford pursue the second suspect on foot. The suspect starts shooting at them when they spot him in a residential building.

He kidnaps and holds hostage a woman who was loading her car. Bradford requests that the dispatcher attempt to reach the woman and get her phone number. He phones the woman after getting her number. The suspect requests that the police back off two minutes after she answers it on speaker. Bradford grants Chen’s request, but he lets Chen know that he has another idea. By using some clever distraction strategies, he is able to apprehend the perpetrator and free the captive.

When Lopez and Sergeant Wade arrive, Nyla gives them a status report on the situation. As Todd normally works for a three-man crew, she thinks there is a third suspect whom she neglected to mention. Nolan, Juarez, Simone, and Carter also arrive at the bank scene they continue their conversation.

Simone explains that they quickly dug into Todd and discovered that two days before the crime, someone had given him a half-million dollar payment. They believe he was hired to rob a bank, and Nyla adds she thought Todd’s theft of the safe deposits was strange. Lopez agrees to start looking over the list of the owners of the 17 safe deposit boxes that were stolen. Normally, his gang simply steals cash.

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One of the safe boxes belonged to a known hacker who was on the wanted list, they learn. When Nolan, Simone, and Carter visit Barnes, the hacker, they discover him attempting to flee. If he reveals what was on the list, they offer to protect him. Barnes apparently compromised the FBI and obtained a list of Federal Undercover Assets. He was in a negotiation with a buyer when it broke down. He is killed by a sniper before he can identify the buyer.

The FBI is left with a significant problem because they are unable to remove the assets and face equally dire consequences if they keep the assets covert and their identities are revealed.

While working to identify the third suspect, Nyla and Lopez receive word that the police have discovered a second pistol at the bank. The victimized woman was a co-conspirator with the criminals. Before she emerges from surgery, they dash to the hospital, but they are late. After surgery, the patient phones Todd to inquire about the heist. Todd must wait for her to leave the hospital because she is the only one who knows the buyer’s name.

The two remaining suspects’ burner phones are being tracked by the authorities. Bradford and Thorsen follow their gut feelings regarding potential locations where the suspects might steal a new car. The suspect phones the buyer in the interim and demands more cash in exchange for the list.

While cruising on a building’s rooftop, the suspects spot Thorsen and Bradford. The suspects pushed the shop to the edge of the rooftop with the help of their car, leaving them dangling perilously. Both of them amazingly escape without incident after Bradford instructs Thorsen to leave first. Nolan and Juarez discover the suspect’s car on the other side of town with Todd’s brains all over it.

Chen and Bradford go on a second date and kiss at the end of the day. Nolan is informed by Juarez that she is not dating Thorsen. Nyla and James discuss how they would like to take care of their kids if something happened to them. They decide to ask Lopez and Wesley, so they go to their place. The godparents, Wesley and Lopez, are in agreement.

The Episode Review

It exceeded our expectations in every way! We got to see practically all of the couples on the show, and Simone and Carter both made an appearance, so Chenford is still going strong. Although I won’t label this a crossover event, it was so fantastic that it is now irrelevant.


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