Strangers Again: A Recap, Review, and Explanation of The Final Episode!

Strangers Again’s episode 12 opens with CEO Seo asking Eun-beam if Ha-ra is the reason he is leaving. He doesn’t respond and encourages CEO Seo to think as he pleases. Eun-beam admits that he was the one who broke up with Ha-ra when CEO Seo says he will ask her. CEO Seo suggests that he get treatment since he keeps running away and twisting his life because he is unsure of what he wants.

He discovers a complaint about his mother wishing to sever relations with him when he returns to his office. He contacts his mother, who orders him to go on a blind date, marry the woman she picks, and have two children. If he doesn’t comply with her request, she will disown him and demand payment for rearing him. His head starts to ring more and more. CEO Seo discovers the complaint on his desk and questions if the company should assist him.

The mother of Ha-Ra sets up the blind date. When she confronts her mother about it, she finds out that she had called him over and begged him to end their relationship with Ha-Ra. He claimed that her mother was forcing her to end their relationship, and she now knows what he meant by that. Furious at her mother, she storms out.

Eun-beam is confronted by Ha-ra about the meeting with her mother which she was unaware of. He is certain that Ha-ra wanted to end things once he disclosed information about his family. He claims that they reconciled after Ha-ra allegedly chased after him and broke up with him on purpose. Thus, he had nothing to do with the breakup or the reconciliation. CEO Seo listens in on their exchange.

Ha-ra receives a sizable request from CEO Seo. He suggests she leave the company rather than Eun-beam. He advises her to seek employment with larger companies since theirs was too tiny for her. The most beneficial course of action is for her to go.

While his mother is on the phone discussing Eun-countercomplaint, beom’s the child lets go of her hand and hurries to fetch her ball as it is rolling across the road. An automobile squeaks. The sister of Eun-beom contacts Ha-ra in the following scene to inform her that their mother was involved in an accident. She asked Ha-ra to let her brother know that she was unable to reach him on the phone. He is taken to the hospital by her.

Ha-ra offers to stay at the hospital with Eun-beom. She claims that she did not want to look back and regret anything because they were once family. She asks him to be as honest as possible with his mother and to make sure he has no regrets.

Strangers Again – K-drama Episode 12

Ha-ra pays a visit to her mother after leaving the hospital. She tells her about the breakup with Eun-beom when they are eating a Happy Meal together. Eun-beom begs his mother to not give up and to awaken while they are back at the hospital. When his mother finally gets out of bed, she assures him that his sister’s early death was not his fault. She is released from the hospital after her mother and son make up.

Ha-ra is quitting the legal company, as CEO Seo informs Eun-beom. He’s stunned and unable to speak. Si-wook is ecstatic when Attorney Kwon and Attorney Kang learn they are having a boy.

Ha-ra and Eun-beom talk about her quitting the company. She says she made the decision to depart because he did not have else to go and she did. Also, it would be odd for them to continue working together once they both begin dating other people. Eun-beom is in pain. After doing some research online, he concludes that he suffers from an evasive disorder, which causes him to avoid situations where he might be rejected. He tries to approach Ha-ra once more.

How Do Strangers Again End?

Ha-Ra and her mother eat in a nice restaurant. When her mother brings up the subject of blind dates, Ha-ra informs her that she will no longer go on them. She believes that she just wants to love Eun-be and that she cannot date or get married while these sentiments are still present.

Yet she doesn’t really know what love is. She has no choice but to wander and have a lonely existence that will end in a lonely death without having given birth to any children. Her mother advises her to keep exploring until she finds the right answer and to fall in love when the time is right.

Strangers Again – K-drama Episode 12


Eun-beam, on the other hand, makes the decision to see a psychiatrist. Eun-beam confesses during the session that a woman he has broken up with more than five times was attempting to pass as a stranger, which has caused his heart to be troubled.

Ha-Ra leaves the company, and attorney Kang and attorney Kwon are married there with congratulations from the rest of the staff. Upon leaving the ceremony together, Ha-Ra and Eun-become part ways.

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The Episode Review

The incident was distressing and stressful. As Bi-chi and Si-work also enjoy happy endings, Eun-beam, and his family have reconciled. Nonetheless, it was painful to witness Eun-beam and Ha-ra part ways. Eun-beam is not the appropriate match for Ha-ra because he has a lot of work to do. Although he cares deeply for her, he is aware that he must first address his serious mental health difficulties.

Ha-Ra has made the conscious decision to attempt to live her life without interacting with people like Jae-gym, who she might end up hurting because she is aware that she might be in love with Eun-be forever. Is it possible for them to revert to being strangers? The conclusion left you hanging so much!


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