MH370: The Plane that Vanished Review – A Mysterious Disaster that Caused Years of Unresolved Trauma!

There are only a few mysteries in the world that have never been solved and the 2014 real crime case of the disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing 777 aeroplane, MH370, is one such enigma. For those who don’t know, a Malaysian airliner flew 227 passengers from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China, on March 8th, 2014. Nevertheless, it vanished en way and was never able to reach its goal.

The inexplicable disappearance is covered in this Netflix documentary, along with the various post-incident theories.

The three episodes of the three-part documentary explain everything that is currently known concerning the disappearance of the aeroplane. The individuals engaged in the analysis of the disaster go over potential explanations for the plane’s disappearance throughout the programme.

Possible explanations for the disappearance include a pilot who committed himself, a Russian spy hijacking, and North Korea’s participation. The programme also explores the feelings of some of the missing passengers’ relatives who are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of their loved ones after they took a brief foreign flight.

As there isn’t much information available about the actual true-crime case, the documentary lacks detail. But, the interviews with those family members are what make the show’s most moving scenes. As a viewer, your heart breaks for the missing passengers’ families who still do not have any answers years after the horrific tragedy.


The programme makes an effort to tie MH370 loosely to another plane accident that occurred years after MH370 vanished by introducing various scenarios that might have happened when the aircraft went missing.

In this case, the plane and its dead passengers were discovered together, highlighting the suffering of the next of kin who did not even have time to bury their loved ones and are still uncertain as to whether these people indeed perished in the accident. Although there have been rumours of possible aeroplane pieces being discovered in the Indian Ocean, the majority of the aircraft and the purported bodies of the passengers have not been located.

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Humans naturally anticipate a resolution in order to move on from a situation. Yet there is none here, just as there is none for the family of the missing passengers. You go into the documentary wanting answers, but all you get are possible explanations for what the academics believe might have happened on that terrible day, nine years ago.

The family members’ declaration at the series’ conclusion that they will remain to look for their loved ones no matter how long it takes and that they are still seeking answers makes the incident even more tragic.

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