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7 Japanese Thrillers Coming out In January 2023 that You Should Watch!

Japanese Thrillers

J-dramas are distinguished from other South Asian television series by their provocative topic and comedic elements. There will be a tonne of TV shows arriving from Japan in just a month of January, most of which are romantic comedies.

There aren’t many actions and crime thrillers in J-dramas, but the next year has promised seven new episodes in the category in just January, which seems like a complete gift for fans who yearn to watch action shows. J-dramas, which have only 10 to 12 episodes every season, are quicker to watch than traditional Korean dramas.

The seven upcoming crime thriller J-dramas that will be released in January 2023 are listed below.

Keishichou Outsider

Title in English: Outsider Cop

Television Asahi

10 episodes

Ninja ni Kekkon wa Muzukashii

Crime and thriller

Date of Premiere: January 5th

The program centers on the lives of Sakuramachi Chuo Police Station assistant inspector Kagawa Eiji. He used to be a detective in charge of dealing with gangs of organized crime, but he was demoted after getting into difficulties.

Despite having a gangster appearance, Eiji dislikes seeing blood. Hasumi Kosuke, on the other hand, is the top criminal investigator at the same police station. He works with rookie detective Mizuki Nao, who is impossible to hate because she is emotionally detached, and Eiji.

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Anata wa Watashi ni Otosaretai

Marriage is tough for a Ninja, in English

System: Fuji TV

10 episodes

Otto wo Shakaiteki ni Massatsu Suru 5-tsu no Houhou

Action, thriller, and comedy

Date of Premiere: January 5th

Daibyoin Senkyo

The two surviving ninja clans, Koga and Iga, are perpetually at odds with one another. These clans’ descendants are still around today and still perform their unique missions.

A man and a woman who are both descended from these opposing clans and who were married without knowing each other’s true identities are the subjects of Ninja ni Kekkon wa Muzukashii. The husband and wife both received a distinct task during their marriage, and after nearly failing their duties, they start to mistrust one another’s true identity.

Can the pair function in their relationship while harboring secrets from one another? Will they maintain their adherence to family customs or will they start putting one another first?

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Wana no Sensou

You want to fall in love with me, in English

MBSEpisodes: 10 Network

Giver Taker Drama and Thriller Genres

Date of Premiere: January 6th

Aizawa Naoya is a man who values both his family and his job. He has been happily married to Kana for a number of years, and they both work for the same security firm. Naoya and Kana both put forth a lot of effort, and their careers have been progressing gradually.

Their tranquil days are suddenly disturbed when Tachibana Noa, a new employee, is given Naoya’s job. Noa, a demonic woman, makes many attempts to seduce Naoya. Even though Naoya makes an effort to avoid Noa’s deft moves, Kana eventually warms up to her subordinate, Minaki, as her mistrust for Naoya deepens.


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