A Season 1 Recap of the 3Bs You Shouldn’t Date an Animated Love Story Based on The Manga!

Based on the manga 3B no Koibito, which aired in Japan in 2021, The 3Bs You Shouldn’t Date (Viki). It serves as a caution to those who are dating—perhaps an obvious one—to stay away from negative people. In Japan, it’s common knowledge to avoid dealing with bartenders, beauticians, and, you guessed it, musicians. They can’t support themselves and meet many too many ladies, as our lead’s buddies describe. Even a fourth B actor appears in this 10-episode series, yep, Broadway performers.

Ah, but when you share a home with the first three, it’s a difficult lesson to learn. The fourth makes you think about your ex-fiance. Haru gets to know the boys while learning firsthand what it’s like to not be able to pay the bills. And that’s when things start to go wrong.

We start with Haru’s previous breakup, which was painful. While she’s trying on her wedding gown, her fiance confesses that he’s already married and expecting a child. so chilly And in a typical romance manga theme, she later meets her potential roommates individually.

The 3Bs

Haru’s day might really become worse when she arrives home to discover that her apartment complex has burned down. When she arrives at her grandmother’s house to speak 3Bs and the night, she is just getting ready to leave on vacation, so luckily, Haru is given landlord duties.

Haru observes each resident send waves of women through the house as it all starts. She must undoubtedly establish some guidelines. Each guy begins to show an interest in Haru as the group settles into a routine. An absurd manga scenario that begins with female pals who have seen it all quickly devolves into a plethora of conflicted emotions and insecurities. Haru struggles to understand her feelings as the Bs come forward one at a time.

If you came to The 3Bs just to see Dori Sakurada (Alice in Borderland, Scum’s Wish, Coffee, and Vanilla), you would be startled to see him working as a bartender rather than a musician. His side project is music, and he performs with the rock band tune noise.

But it provided the opportunity for the producers to cast Kenta Kamiya from The Rampage from Exile Tribe and Ma55ive the Rampage as an interesting love rival. If that isn’t enough to fulfill your desires for Japanese music, Nakahara Hiroshi of the J-pop group Five New Old is here. So, as Kenta plays and Nakahara gives a blow-out & style, Dori spins a cocktail. Surely a female can’t refuse?

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The manga belongs to the “reverse harem” subgenre; do I really need to mention anything else? There doesn’t seem to be a “primary lead” other than Baba Fumika’s character Haru (Kamen Rider series, Revenge Girl).

Even though the first episode or two are absurd and clumsy, you are immediately drawn into the plot. You are fully aware of the situation. The play has more tales to tell before it closes, without giving anything away. Overall, though, this one is absolutely worth watching.

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