After (2019) Ending Explained: Finds out Tessa About the Bet?

The 2019 film The first film in a five-part series is called After. Theresa Tessa Young, a young college freshman and a graduate in English Literature is the story’s protagonist. Her disagreements with Stef’s friend Hardin Scott, her roommate, are brought on by her love of romance novels. Hardin and I frequently argue in class because Hardin doesn’t think that love exists.

Tessa feels drawn to Hardin despite their disagreements. Tessa has a boyfriend named Noah, a senior in high school, but after meeting Hardin, she finds it difficult to draw the line between them and ends up helping Hardin when he needs it while leaving Noah by himself in her dorm room.

How does Tessa s Mom react to seeing she is with Hardin?

After (2019)

Tessa begins seeing Hardin after splitting with Noah. The two have a flirty connection and enjoy their time together. Tessa’s mother Carol one day discovers Tessa making out with Hardin at her college residence.

According to Tessa’s mother, being with a man like Hardin was wrecking her life. She retaliates against Carol after being offended by what her mother said. Carol interrupts Tessa and cautions her against Hardin in an effort to teach Tessa a lesson.

What Does Hardin Suggest to Help Tessa?

Hardin takes Tessa to an apartment he says belongs to someone he knows after learning that Tessa had been cut off financially. Tessa wouldn’t be able to afford to live in the dorms, he says, so they could live there instead. Tessa initially hesitates but ultimately decides to move in with Hardin.

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How Does Tessa Find out About the Bet?

When Molly first implies that Hardin was lying to Tessa, Tessa and Hardin were still going strong. Tessa disregards the advice, but one day she discovers texts from Molly on Hardin’s phone. In the texts, Molly threatened to reveal the information to Tessa and requested Hardin to meet the group at their go-to diner hangout.

Tessa discovers through Molly that Hardin’s pals had challenged him to a wager involving Tessa as she follows him to the diner. Tessa dared to kiss Hardin after the first party, and Molly and the others bet him to make Tessa fall in love with them.

Tessa is devastated and doesn’t want anything to do with Hardin after seeing a video about him placing the wager. She ends their relationship and departs without asking Hardin why.

What Does Tessa Do at The End of After?

After (2019)

Tessa travels to Landon’s place and stays there for a time because she has nowhere else to go but the apartment she shared with Hardin. After a few days, Tessa returns to her mother’s home and expresses her regret to Carol for not believing her when she requested her to stay away from Hardin. Noah accepts Tessa’s apology for cheating on him, and the two men mend their friendship.

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What Was Written in Hardin S Letter to Tessa?

Tessa Hardin receives her homework from the literature professor after she returns to the university for exams. She asserts that Tessa needed to read the essay because it was primarily written with her in mind. Tessa opens the letter at the hidden location that Hardin had led her to.

In this letter, Hardin expresses his regret for deceiving Tessa and treating her unfairly when they were together. In addition, Hardin had admitted that despite their initial meeting being a bet, he had gradually grown to love Tessa. Tessa had a significant impact on Hardin, who talks about how Tessa had improved his life simply by being around him.

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