Bed Friend: Recap and Review of the First Episode!

Uea begins the first episode of Bed Friend by introducing himself and the coworkers he works with. Uea generally keeps to himself and only has a close relationship with Jade. He is best friends with Jade, and they both work in the same building. Jade, however, is also close with King, a coworker. King is a flirtatious player, and Uea can’t stand him. Nevertheless, one hot, fateful night, their dynamic changes.

Uea and King remained in the office one late night to complete their respective tasks. King teases Uea that he has feelings for him and is surprised that he put in extra time with him. King is a pain in Uea’s ass, but he ignores him and walks towards the parking lot, getting ready to leave.

He calls his boyfriend Pock in the parking lot, but another man answers the phone and claims to be Pock’s boyfriend. Finding out that Pock has been having extramarital affairs hurts Uea. The parking lot lights go out as he struggles to process this shocking information, and he experiences a panic attack.

He flashes back to his mother punishing him by locking him in a dark bathroom during his panic attack. King rushes to comfort Uea after spotting him sobbing on the floor. Uea is able to regain his composure as soon as the lights come back on. He stands up and walks away from King, who is concerned, without saying anything. As he gets home, he recalls why his mother locked him in the dim bathroom.

In fact, his mother is homophobic and was aware of his sexual orientation. She became enraged and made the decision to punish him when she observed him being led home by a boy. She believed that by punishing him, he would come out as gay. She continued to use extremely hurtful language, even making a death threat if he persisted in causing issues. When Uea’s mother calls, he ignores her call since he is deeply preoccupied with memories of his past suffering.

Bed Friend

The following morning, King and Uea unintentionally arrive at work wearing shirts of the same hue. King is amused and teases Uea once again, claiming that the two of them look like a couple and asking why Uea gave him a hug the night before. King wonders what went wrong as Uea becomes irritated. We find out that Uea has disliked King since they first met. King is a well-known player, and Uea despises individuals who think like that. King has made numerous attempts to win him over, but nothing has been successful thus far.

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Jade notices that Uea is not returning Pock’s calls during the day. He enquires as to what is wrong, to which Uea responds that it has ended between him and Pock. He admits to Jade that Pock betrayed him. Jade expresses his sadness at the news and promises his friend that he will find a better match. He wishes for Uea to locate a good man on his behalf.

As it was payday, the staff, along with the boss, decided to go out for drinks after work. They enjoy themselves, but as the night wears on, they all decide to go home. When using the restroom, Uea receives a message from his mother asking for money. The constant calls from Pock that he has been receiving have also been stressing him out.

Bed Friend

He returns and continues to drink endlessly. King decides to take him to his flat after he passes out. King successfully places him on the bed, but Uea forbids him from leaving and requests that he hold the child. He expresses his desire to avoid spending the night by himself, and King queries whether he is certain of what is about to occur.

He asks Uea, and Uea pulls him in for a kiss. King can’t help but return the passionate kiss. Naturally, one kiss leads to another, and they have passionate sex as a result. The following morning, Uea awakens bewildered in King’s bed and begins to recall the passionate moments they had the previous evening. He furiously gathers his clothing and makes his way to his home. He grieves over what occurred all weekend.

The next Monday, Uea is running late for work and Jade catches him looking pale. Uea replies that he has simply been having problems falling asleep when he is asked what is wrong. In contrast, King spends the morning looking for Uea. He wants to talk to Uea about what transpired between them but she hasn’t returned his calls or messages.

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Uea is even more indifferent when King finally finds him in the printing room. He advises King to just forget what happened on that inebriated night. King inquires as to if he regrets having sex with them and what went wrong. Uea believes it was his fault for being careless and demands that they forget what occurred. Before leaving, he begs King not to bring up that particular evening ever again.

Uea, however, can’t stop thinking about what happened that evening, and because of his distraction, he almost has a car accident.

He calls for assistance after receiving a puncture as the episode comes to a close.

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The Episode Review

Even though this is only the first episode, it’s clear that Jade and Uea are quite close. It appears that Uea has only allowed Jade inside. It appears that King first developed feelings for Uea, but every time he attempts to approach her, he runs into a wall.

It is unfortunate that Uea’s mother is homophobic and consistently treats him badly. Being homosexual and growing up in a bigoted home can be challenging. There is much room for improvement in his mother’s handling of the circumstance. She caused him trauma, which is possibly the reason Uea has trouble trusting people.

Yet Pock baffles me; if he cared about Uea so much, why would he cheat on him? He keeps phoning Uea and requesting a chance to explain, and I don’t know where he has the audacity to do so. What else is there to say? Cheating is never acceptable.


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