My Beautiful Man, Season 2, Episode 1: Summary and Review

Season 2 Episode 1 of the Japanese black-and-white drama My Lovely Guy (Utsukushii Kare) picks up where Season 1 left off. Hira feels in awe at having Kiyoi in his arms. Yet he’s ready to make up for all his transgressions in order to enjoy as many moments as possible. Once he wakes up in Hira’s bed, Kiyoi is once again uninterested in hearing this kind of worship from Hira.

Hira is currently a senior in college and is actively active in photography. Koyama, his friend who attempted to date Hira in Season 1, is also fine. He stays away from Koyama’s inquiries about Kiyoi.

In the meantime, Kiyoi’s career is starting to soar. They discuss Mr. Suspicious among his many supporters within the company. Yep, only one. After spending the day reading screenplays, he goes back to Hira’s home.

The following day, they hang out and go shopping for Hira’s new, cooler attire. If one’s level of enjoyment is preset, Hira’s inner monologue frets about all the things that could go wrong. He worries that he could have already received more than his fair share.

Push-pull occurs as Kiyoi complements Hira but then feels compelled to retract it. Hira is the same; he feels far more at ease making excuses and taking offense. Even so, he can’t help but smile when Kiyoi shows signs of feeling something.

They end the day at a gathering where Hira feels out of her element. especially when women approach him. Hira tries to flee but is caught by one of the women, and is only saved by a furious Kiyoi.

My Beautiful Man

With the two dissimilar positions of their heads, Hira regrets lowering the tone and acting awkwardly. But, Kiyoi is furious as he discovers the woman’s digits concealed in Hira’s pocket, leaving Hira perplexed and pleading for forgiveness once more.

The next day, Kiyoi expresses regret. He worries constantly that he will be abandoned once more as a result of his out-of-character actions if Hira is involved. Hira is urged not to go by him.

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The Episode Review

After the dramatic conclusion of season 1, Hira and Kiyoi return, but this time they are dating. Yet because they haven’t changed their habits of thinking, it feels like the day following the first story. Kiyoi can and will abandon Hira at any time, and this conviction has never left Hira. And to Kiyoi’s chagrin, he is unable to control his penitence.

My Beautiful Man

Meanwhile, Kiyoi is beginning to appreciate Hira’s beauty or at the very least realize that others are taking notice of him. In a sense, he wants to brag about himself. Yet, in another, let Hira be alone. He is enraged at Hira’s ignorance and is overcome with feelings resembling green monsters.

Infuriated by Hira’s lack of boyfriend-like behavior and alarmed by the feeling that someone else might snatch him away. He’s beginning to consider the possibility that he might lose Hira if he doesn’t express his emotions. But we’re only at episode 1, and that’s getting near to the bone on both sides.

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There are many things in store for our utterly and outrageously opposites attract pair, and both parties will need to adapt for this to work. Before that occurs, either person could suffocate in their own insecurity. Let’s keep it genuine, people. at least in terms of emotion.

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