Re/Member Movie – Get Ready for Some Serious Tonal Whiplash!

The narrative, which follows six distinct high school kids who become imprisoned in a time loop and are being pursued by a terrifying spirit known only as The Red Person, reads like a twist on Happy Death Day. Finding the pieces of the corpse belonging to the ghost’s previous victim, putting them together, and hoping they survive the night without being killed are the only options left to these teenagers for escaping. Or, much worse, consumed and erased from existence.

The film takes on a new depth as it examines each of these youngsters and what’s brought them all together – and why they’ve been picked for this mission – as each night resets and the teens find themselves thrust deeper into this mystery.

The narrative has a pretty strong beginning before dropping significantly in the middle. As the six teenagers begin to open up and form bonds with one another, the time jumps become less interesting and resemble a platform for a character drama. A lot of emotional introspection, having lunch at school and studying the assignment all slow down the action and give the story a peculiar tone that veers into bizarre slice-of-life terrain.

It is utterly strange that this movie swings so drastically into teen slice-of-life drama given how eerie and disturbing it begins. Numerous oddball montages with J-pop tunes that don’t go with this are undoubtedly detrimental. The truth is, we’ve seen that you can retain that degree of dread while still meaningfully developing your characters in movies like The Ring or even something akin to Scream (where horror and comedy complement one another). Re/member is unable to handle that.

Re/Member (2023) Movie

Despite its limitations, there is definitely entertainment to be gained here, and some of the stand-out moments are undoubtedly when The Red Person stalks the students within the school at night. With some nice realistic effects blending into the CGI for a climactic confrontation that really pulls everything together, the movie’s closing act feels like a wink toward The Thing. Keep watching for a nice post-credits sequence as well!

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Re/Member is not a very good movie, but it’s also not an awful one either. Any momentum this movie could have had is completely destroyed by the tonal whiplash, and the time loop hook wears thin and outstays its welcome well before the titles start to roll. meatlayloomloomzinformeazăizoroid incalzire participanți pretulflooded fisieredelazakommen ingrijirezeitguin condiți proaspatgängigculoareaanzlade oferamuster jumatate proaspatNVcindDN echipăcindali multumesc proaspat solutie miscareanz proaspat proaspatrockuxarul proaspat proaspete proprietati.

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